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H600 MK II

rated 5 of 5 stars The H600 MK II is a nearly indestructible headlamp, providing a blinding 1,090 Lumens of light. Combine that with its long battery life and feather weight, and you will be stunned to learn it retails for hundreds of dollars less than its less powerful competitors! Zebra Light is taking the caving community by storm, and it won't be long until that tempest pours into all outdoor sports. Consider these four factors: It puts out 2-4 times the light of a typical headlamp. It costs a fraction of less… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars The Zebralight H51 and H51w are good all-purpose headlamps which are waterproof and extremely durable. The higher settings are good for visibility at night, while the lower settings are good for around camp. Using only a single AA, the light is very efficient. I highly recommend this light. Can't believe none of the Zebralight headlamps have been reviewed here yet. The H51w (neutral white) and the H51 (cool white) headlamps from Zebralight are good all-purpose headlamps, having good throw while… Full review

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