User Badges

Badges tell other Trailspace community members more about you. They may express your achievements, affiliations, or authority.

Authority Badges

These badges identify Trailspace employees and community leaders:
TRAILSPACE STAFF This person is a paid Trailspace employee.
MODERATOR This person is a volunteer community moderator.

Achievement Badges

These badges recognize members who have contributed significantly to the Trailspace community:
TOP 10 REVIEWER This person is among the 10 highest-rated gear reviewers of the last year.
TOP 25 REVIEWER This person is among the 25 highest-rated gear reviewers of the last year.
REVIEW CORPS This person is a member of the Trailspace Review Corps.

Affiliation Badges

These badges identify members who represent companies in the outdoor industry. If you are in the industry and your account does not display one of these badges, please contact us.
RETAILER This person works for a specialty outdoor retailer, or other company that sells outdoor gear.
BRAND REP This person works for, or otherwise represents, a company that makes or markets outdoor gear.
NONPROFIT REP This person works for an outdoors-related nonprofit organization.
GUIDE/OUTFITTER This person works for a guide or outfitter service.