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Full Name: Adam Jepson
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I am a husband and a father who likes to hit the trails in nearby state forests on the weekend, but have dreams of longer adventures in national parks across the country, specifically the Smoky Mountains, Crater Lake, and Yosemite.  One of my favorite things to do is chill in my hammock and read a book.  My dog, a Chocolate Lab named Hobbes, is a loyal companion on most of my day hikes.

I understand the importance of having good gear, and as a frugal person I have to save up and look for deals.  All of the gear I own is on this pinterest board:  Most of it is intended for the use of backpacking, and I paid full price for about a quarter of it.  Check it out and ask any questions you may have!

I don't take myself super seriously, and I'm not an eagle scout or anything, so I'm always learning new tips and tricks for enjoying the outdoors.  I'd love to learn more about orienteering and one day would like to take a survival course.




Torso Length20in
Boot/Shoe Size10.5 - 11
Jacket/Shirt SizeSmall
Pant Size30-30