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My name is Donny Roth. I am the owner of a small company called Alpine Ambitions. Alpine Ambitions is dedicated to helping passionate skiers become independent big mountain skiers, backcountry skiers, and ski mountaineers. Alpine Ambitions uses terrain in the U.S., Chile, and Europe to help skiers realize their dreams. We also go to exotic locations like Asia and Morocco to help inspire people to greater heights. We are always exploring new places. I have been a ski instructor and guide for more than 15 years. After reaching the top ranks as a ski instructor, I was looking for bigger venues to take my clients. Guiding became a natural extension of instructing. Because of this, all of my trips have an educational side to them. We don't sit around taking lessons, but there is always something to learn in the mountains, and I love to see my guests progressing. For more information visit the website at:


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