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Been wandering around the planet for 3/4 of a century, on my own for over 6 decades, (5 of which included my spouse so far). My family was very much into the woods and hills from before I was born, so a lot of my independent wanderings started by the time I was 5 yo (parents did not worry so much about the kids back then). I have hiked and climbed on all 7 continents.

Some people think I am an expert in a number of fields. But, as a mentor of mine said, "the true expert knows his/her limitations." I learn and/or reminded of my limited knowledge and experience every time I head out the door. I do train youth and youth leaders in outdoor activities, though I am basically a scientist.

I have raced bicycles (have a few medals for district championships), used to have an airplane (license commercial single engine, IFR), Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver, National Member of The Explorers Club, on the Board of the American Climber Science Program


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