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I had done some winter hiking in the NH White Mountains while in high school. Life moved on and I got busy with life. In my late 40's, I needed a hobby. I always enjoyed the mountains and my memories took me back to those days of my youth. My girlfriends sister in law had a dream to hike Mount Washington for her 50th birthday and as a result of conversations about that, we decided we would go with her and my girlfriends brother to do that. Well, that was a disaster! Realizing how out of shape we were, led us to the gym and more realistic hikes for our experience and condition. One another attempt to hike Mt.Washington, her sister in law broke her ankle on the Ammonusuc Ravine trail. We got her back down from just below the Gem Pool and she was done for the year after surgery and rehab. But my girlfriend and I pressed on. We bought high end gear and continued to improve our conditioning. Then, in June of 2011, we did a successful hike up the Jewell Trail to the summit! The following month, we did a Seek the Peak event up the Lion's Head trail. Though she enjoys the hiking, it is not her passion, but has become mine. My son lives in Ft.Collins, Colorado and is and avid outdoors enthusiast.  I had a dream to climb Mt.Washington in the winter but no one would sign on to try it with one except, my son. So on the 29th and 30th of December, 2011, we did that hike! And the passion continues. I hate being locked in all winter, especially when winter here in the north east last so long. So I am learning and extending so that I can do multiple day hikes all 4 seasons. I found Trailspace through a friend I made while hiking Mt.Monroe solo last year and have been very thankful for it! The passion and pursuit, continues!!


Wonder about Ice Climbing


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