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Re: 2 wk hike from Springer Mnt. Georgia February 20, 2013
Re: 2 wk hike from Springer Mnt. Georgia February 20, 2013
2 wk hike from Springer Mnt. Georgia February 20, 2013


I Have always had an interest in the outdoors and hiking sense I was very little. At a young age me and my brother used to watch Eco Challenge and dream of our own adventures, while exploring the woods and fields in our local area.

Now that I am grown with 3 children of my own, (one on the way) I still have that same passion and drive to hike and explore, lol although now its at the limits of my younger children.

My experience outdoors is vast when it just comes to day hiking and exploration, as I've been exploring sense I was a child with my parents I learned quickly the dangers and obstacles that nature can pose, and although I love Hiking I have yet to do an overnight Hike of my own, and by now that hiking bug hasn't just bit me, im practically infested with drive to pick up and disappear for a good 6 month hike, unfortunately though my kids are not quite old enough for me to do so XP.

My favorite location to Hike with small children is definitely Oak Mountain State Park, just outside of Birmingham Alabama, the people their are very helpful and positive with information. I love taking them to the boardwalk nature trail they offer bc the trailhead starts on a boardwalk bridge with several wild bird cages (that have been rescued) and my kids love it, we then connect to the lovely yellow trail and hike to their own personal limits, enjoying lunch and geocaching along the way. If your children dislike hiking however they also offer a nice beach area, short horse riding trials, bike trails, and much much more.

My goal is to one day thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, as well as take part in adventure racing or maybe even triathlons, not to win but just for the fun of it.




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