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I started playing outside back in the mid-1970s. To support my outdoor habit and my gear addiction, I managed a high-end outfitters until I went back to college. Even then, I worked p/t through grad school and while teaching college.

I did a lot of canoeing, backpacking, and winter sports. I was only a so-so climber (course that could have been because I was climbing in EB's ;-)). I did several trips at altitude until I figured the odds were turning against me.

I live in the foothills of the Smokies and have a small farm.

In 2006, I was the pedestrian the fool who thought the sidewalk was the road decided to hit. It wasn't until Oct of 2010 that my hand surgeon finished on my dominant hand and wrist: I got an experimental partial ulna, total wrist joint replacement. Now we get to fix my other arm. Oh, joy.

I'm looking to stay as connected as I can to my old life but also have had to accept that there is much I can no longer do. That means I'm looking for good homes for some of my gear.

I've been certified to fit just about anything that needs fitting and have over 30 years experience doing so. And 30 years of opinions...


Backcountry skiing
Horse riding
making knives
mucking stables


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