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Full Name: J Sage
46-year-old male hiker
Occupation: Welder/Firefighter
Email: private


I live in a small town in Southern Manitoba, where i'm a member of the Fire department and Local GSAR group and Search and Rescue Manitoba (SARMAN).

I'm a Ex-Canadian Forces member where I served as a Medic and previously held civilian EMR qualifications.

I've been camping and generally playing in the outdoors for as long as I remember, everything from car camping to lightweight backpacking

I prefer hammock camping nowadays my current set up is a ENO double nest, Eno Guardian bug net and a MEC Scout Tarp. But I do have a 2 Man tent because someplaces in Manitoba it can be tough to find 2 useful trees.

I hope to win the lotto and spend the rest of my days Hiking trails like the AT, PCT, camino de santiago, Etc.

I've spent a great deal of my life helping others, so If you have a question go ahead and ask I'll help if I can