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I work at the American Mountaineering Museum and get paid to read and study up on Mountains all day! It's the coolest job ever.

Here is my mini rant: You can't miss me, I'm the one in the backcountry in a practicle altered cocktail dress. People don't realize that the majority women's fashion is sewn out of the same fabrics that the ugly $100 shirt at REI is made out of. Comfort, function and fashion for WAY less money just sounds smart to me! But I guess if people want to look like Hobo/Jock highbreds thats up to them. Boring!

I'm currently doing three day hikes a week prepairing myself for the Colorado Trail this time next year. I figure if I can get really comfortable doing 10 miles a day with a pack, then I can do the whole thing is about 8 weeks.

I also love busting out the scale and seeing where I can shave off yet another few oz. from my pack!




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