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Re: How do you 'bathe' while hiking / backpacking ?? September 9, 2011
Re: How do you 'bathe' while hiking / backpacking ?? September 9, 2011
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 2 years of conservation work and volunteer hours with the ccc in 04-05, including 29 days of hurricane relief in louisiana.did my first trail season in 06, spent 5 weeks maintaning trails in the yosemite front country then to marble mountain wilderness for three months and the russian wilderness for 2 more. bumed around costa rica for 2 months in 07 worked on a trail constuction crew camped in the whitiney range at crabtree meadow for 3 months rerouting a large section of trail at guitar lake as well as maintaining whitineys western switchbacks.

  bumed around se asia for 8 months without a dime in 08, taught english, ran a bar, promoted things, built a bamboo raft and floated down the mekong from champasak to don det in southern laos etc...colorado 14ners 09 


Trail maintanance


Weight151 lbs
Boot/Shoe Size8.5-9d
Jacket/Shirt Sizem
Pant Size31-32