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I'm 27  and I've discovered my love for the outdoors a long time ago. (I think I was 3 when I climbed my first cliff while I had wandered off from parental supervision with my dog...) I practice a multitude of sports ranging from white-water expedition canoeing to rock climbing in the summer. Winter, being my favorite time of year, I ski a lot and try to ice climb every weekend. I also run a side bussiness called "My adventure leads to passage." Or MALP for short. It helps people with there expeditions preparations. From where to go and what to buy, all the way to training compagnionship in the adventure. It cathers to regular people who are up for a new challenge. Since they have no experience or knowledge of the multitude of possibilities, these projects tend to die in the womb.  It's my little contributions too helping out in the backcounty. The more people are prepared, the less SAR has to go get them out.


Trail running
Backcountry skiing
Ice climbing
Rock climbing


Height6.4 ft
Weight250 pounds
Torso Lengtheuh..long?
Boot/Shoe Size13
Jacket/Shirt SizeLg to XL
Pant Size38 inch