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Greetings from Afghanistan March 20, 2011


Im 21 yr old who loves the outdoors, go figure. Im from the tip top of the northeast in NH, i could throw a rock and hit Canada. Cant get enough of the beautiful New England area. But due to my line of work i travel to less pleasant places that arent so grand and beautiful. But when i get the chcance to go back home i take full advantage of it. Im big on solo outing's, you cant beat the feeling of backpacking days on end without hardly anyone else in sight. I personally find a inner peace out there away from all the fast paced lives of others. Out in the truest beauty of all, nature. One of my personal goals that i think many other members would probably agree to, is doing a Thru hike of the AT. One day i promise myself i will do it, until then it gives me goals and things to dream about. I hope to learn alot more from others on here who have been around many more seasons. I feel like im just a yearling compared to the Big blue spruce tree behind my house. So i have much  growing and learning to do before im anywhere near there. Im always open for conversation and suggestions so dont be shy to write.


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