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I was born and raised in a small back country town in Southwest Pennsylvania. Never knew much of city life, never much cared for it either. And while things have changed much in my adult life, urban sprawl and work moving me closer to the city, I still spend as much time as I can communing in nature. I just love to hike, camp, and fish throughout the year. Can't stay away.
I'm not one of those primitive guys who goes out with nothing but a knife and water jug, nor do I belong to the ultralight group of outdoors men. I also don't own an RV or carry around a ton of equipment on my back. Ya see, I have my own philosophy on the out of doors. Its not about proving yourself to be a man by going out with nothing but a loin cloth. Its not about proving how miserable you can be out there and still survive your commune with nature. I don't want to fight with nature, I want to enjoy it. Nor is it about having the best and newest high tech gear on the market to make your stay in the wilds like a four star hotel. Its about nature, its about being in the great outdoors. I don't go out there to enjoy my equipment, I go out there to enjoy nature.
Being out there is good for me so I want to be good to it. I want to enjoy nature at its fullest, and use it without disrupting it, and without it disrupting me. A mutual respect.
I carry what I need for the amount of time I'll be spending in the wilds. I carry what works for me.
I spend most of my time in the backwoods found throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Someday I would like to go beyond my states borders and visit some of the great outdoors found beyond. But if I never get to do that, my state will always provide me with some of the best places in the land and I can be happy with only that.