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Re: SEVERE Blisters....what to do. August 7, 2011


Among the many climbs and hikes I've done, the Grand Tetons are wonderful!  Especially after reaching the top peaks, turn around and take pictures of the beautiful deep valleys and mountains that hide behind the Tetons that the average people don't get to see.   Also, summertime is great for pictures of Indian paintbrush and loads of wildflowers growing in the meadows behind the Tetons.  I would definately take bear mase to spray in case of an encounter.  The bears and wolves are more populated than ever now.  I suppose with a permit it's not bad to protect yourself if attacked with a gun if need be.  Just to be smart.  I hiked there in the seventies, there was bear danger then too, but not as much as now.  Obviously, always watch your surroundings as far ahead as possible so you don't startle a mama and her cubs. The mountains bring a special refreshing joy and closeness to God that was meant to be for all of us.  Get recharged! :D