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hi! i'm a romanian guy and now i live in Chicago. i'm new to this web site and i hope that i'm gonna make some friends realy soon from all around the United States.

my whole experience is from back home, Romania.

back there, as a backpacker, i been all around the country and the best of my experiences i made, are:

1) Fagaras mountains in august 2003 when i hiked the whole ridge, from west to east (50 miles in straight line) and i touched the highest peak of Romania 7635feet (2544m);

2) Ciucas mountains in december 2003 when we touched the Ciucas peak (about 6000feet) and we sleeped at the -22*F (-30*C) temperature;

3) Rodnei mountains in february 2004 when we had a bad luck with the weather in a whole week;

4) Retezat mountains in january 2005. we were just two guys and after 2 days we got a 7 feet high fresh snow and we decided to go down;

5) Haghimas/Hasmas mountains february 2005 when we made likke half of the ridge in five days and we got again a -22*f temperature.

and then in june 2005 i came to USA and i had no trips here because i have no partner wich i can go with and that's why i'm here on

i hope i found somebody as soon is possible!


PS i appologise for my english and i hope you understand all i said and you'll accept me as i am. thank you!




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