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52-year-old male backpacker
Occupation: Helicopter component overhaul
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Longtime backpacker and camper. Really enjoy doing back country adventures, especially in late fall to early and sometimes late winter. (Make sure if you do this type of backpacking to please leave the authorties a map of where you plan on going and what time you should be or planned to be back!)

I Do not climb or at least not in recent years (20+), I just enjoy the scenery. Former hunter but now I just relax and enjoy watching the wildlife in its natural enviroment. Still carry a firearm (pistol) for protection against certain animals though. Best defense however is to avoid getting into a bad situation with the wildlife. Remember to stay alert to your surroundings at all times.

Last major camping trip lasted 60 days in early Fall to early winter, 2009. ( Note: I was laid off, so I took the time to recharge so to speak )


Backcountry skiing


Height5' 10"
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