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Dodo Trail in Mauritius May 10, 2011

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Dodo Trail in Mauritius May 10, 2011


My Hiking, Trekking and Trail Running experience in Mauritius

Six years ago I seriously considered going in Green Tourism.

I always been very keen on sports and from my early age was attracted by nature and mountains.

I felt the time has come for me to try to make a partnership between my passion and my future job.

Six years ago I started guiding hiking tours on the West and South West of Mauritius.

The Black River Gorges was the first place where I was leading trips taking my guests through the beautiful native forest. The nature is awesome, the views are great, and the large variety of plants and rare birds are amongst some of the interest of the National Park.

There are so many possibilities of hiking and trail running other there that one could never cover the all lot in one day!

I lead some day trips in the Park, with different level of difficulties, ranging from 2 to 7 hours, with a maximum of 1500 m of incline.

There are some mountains where I take my guests to the very peak for the most beautiful views of the entire island.

My best selection is Le Pouce Mountain in the West, 812 m, with the choice to start from Port Louis, on the West, or Moka on the East. Both trips lead to the peak, but the former is longer, 5 h, and 3 h for the other choice.

I enjoy Le Corps de Garde very much as well. The path is interesting as most of the time with a clear view as one proceeds towards the top. The contact with the roc from time to time gives some character to this trip.

The guests are always impressed about the contrast between the urban part on the one side, with the towns of Curepipe, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin and Port Louis, and the wild West on the other with a very clear view of all the mountain range of the entire region: Le Morne Brabant, Le Rempart, Les Trois Mamelles, La Tourelle de Tamarin etc… The trip is 3hrs.

I have a special interest for Les Trois Mamelles: the mountain with the three peaks. I have found my way, looking around for a trail. I have found one and now I take some experienced hikers up the middle peak. Of course the view is breathtaking, but better is that feeling of achievement once you reach the top.  Between 2 to 3 hrs is required here.

The canyon of Tamarin Falls is something unique on the island. It’s a technical trip: slippery, and steep at times! But absolutely worth the effort. So many waterfalls with the possibility to jump and swim in fresh water. Never without a guide though. The track disappears completely sometimes an one can get  lots very easily and find himself in very risky positions with so many slippery cliffs around!

Now let’s talk about the highest peak on the island: Le Piton de la Rivière Noire: 828 m.

Most people think that there is only one way to reach the top, using the track from Plaine Champagne.

I have personally opened up two other trails with the help of some friends: one starts from the village of Chamarel and the other from the Parking area of the Black River Gorges.

Those two trails are not mentioned on any map and are some of the most beautiful tracks I know in the region. I do lead some day trips that go from one side to the other, crossing through the highest peak of the island.

On the 22ndof August I am organizing a Trail Running race that will go through those two trails: Le Cross Grand Piton!

Another trail that I enjoy very much goes through the edge of three mountains: namely: Piton Canot, Montagne La Porte and Piton du Fouge. This trail is just awesome as it’s a single track that goes along most of the mountain range, with a great view on Chamarel and this beautiful lagoon: Les Fonds Blancs. One would never see a more impressive view of the entire majestic Morne Brabant than from this track!

Last but not least is my favorite: my ‘child’, my ‘partner’, my ‘energy feeder’: Le Morne Brabant.

I have been up this mountain over a thousand times ……

I say no more. It’s the must for anyone who comes to Mauritius to go up Le Morne.

One can only be conquered by the beauty of the site, the views, the peace and the strength that comes out from this place!

I have a coastal hike in the South of the island starting from Savinia to La Cambuse, well adapted to any person keen on the wildest coast of Mauritius, something like Mauritius 50 years back! The high waves, the basaltic cliffs, the south wind, and the small deserted bays make up the scenery.

For any complementary detail please surf on www.yanature.com

Yan de Maroussem

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