Hike the Hill: Trails Advocacy Week Feb. 20-25

American Hiking Society has announced its annual Hike the Hill: Trails Advocacy Week. This event will be held in Washington, D.C., February 20 through 25, 2010.

Hike the Hill offers an opportunity to receive training in advocacy skills and strategies, to meet and deliberate with trails advocates from across the nation, and to educate and urge Congress to protect trails and the hiking experience from coast to coast.

American Hiking Society (AHS) has added several new training opportunities and events this year. Trails Issues Briefings include FY2011 trails appropriations, LWCF funding, climate change and energy development, transportation funding reauthorization, Treasured Landscapes, and how to engage the next generation of trail stewards.

This year's Hike the Hill Opening Event is a hike on the National Mall. Help AHS raise awareness of the importance of trails and hiking for our health, for our community pride and sense of place, and for the preservation and protection of our nation's treasured landscapes.

AHS invites you to Hike the Hill with Congressional and agency leadership and staff, regional high-school and university students, trails advocates, and the hikers who travel to D.C. each year to educate Congress and the Administration about the importance of trails and the unique environments we enjoy along the way.

More info and registration available at www.americanhiking.org/Our-Work/Policy-Advocacy/Hike-the-Hill/

Why should trails advocates attend hike the hill?

  • It's your opportunity to network and share best practices with other trails advocates and organizations.
  • It's your opportunity to get training in lobbying and advocacy at the national level.
  • It's your opportunity to increase federal funding for your local trail as well as trails nationwide.
  • It's your opportunity to shape policies that promote and protect the hiking experience.
  • It's your opportunity to develop better relationships with the federal land management agencies.
  • It's your opportunity to meet influential decision-makers. 
  • It's your opportunity to develop a better relationship with your Senators and Representatives.
  • It's your opportunity to develop better relationships with the Obama Administration.
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