Sleeping Bags by Fill, More Winter Gear

We've been busy organizing and adding new products to Trailspace's gear reviews and information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.

Ever been frustrated when browsing Trailspace’s sleeping bag reviews and information because you couldn’t separate the down from the synthetic? Well, I have. But good news! Now whether you’re interested in cold weather, 3-season, or warm weather bags, you can further refine those temperature categories by fill (down, synthetic, even a few 3-season hybrids). Just select the appropriate link under Refine by Type on the left-hand side of those sleeping bag pages.

We also organized snowshoes into sub-categories: recreational, hiking, running, and even a lone wooden pair for you traditionalists. So now you can find snowshoes by the activity type in which you're most interested.

And lastly, snowshoes have moved under the new category of Winter Gear, which also includes information on avalanche beacons, avalanche probes, snow saws, and snow shovels. If you need crampons or ice axes and tools for your winter backcountry adventures, you can still find them under climbing gear.

I hope these refinements and new gear categories help you find the right outdoor gear for your year-round adventures. And if you've had experience with any of these products, new or old, please write a review and share your thoughts with other backcountry enthusiasts.

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