How'd that sign get up here?

For many hikers, the wooden sign on the summit of Mount Katahdin is iconic. It marks not only the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, but also the highest point in Maine (Baxter Peak at 5,267') and a darn nice summit (in my opinion).

Thanks to two sign makers from the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, and numerous volunteers who helped haul up a new (27-pound, white-pine) summit sign, six timbers, four cedar planks, and the necessary tools and hardware, there's a new wooden summit sign and frame atop Katahdin.

The sign has been up there for nearly a year now, but it's still worth reading about the sign's July 25, 2009 trip to the top of Maine in the following report from Lester Kenway, president of the MATC. If you'd like to help the next time around, you can do so in about a decade.

Read: "A New Sign for Katahdin"

(image above courtesy of MATC)

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