Climber's Body Found 21 years later in Jasper Glacier

Climber William Holland (Photo: Kennebec Journal)

This news story caught my attention because the climber was from Maine, he was a fellow alum of my college, and Jasper National Park is one of my favorite spots.

In April 1989, Maine geologist and climber William Holland was ice climbing the frozen waterfall Slipstream (Grade 6) on Mount Snow Dome in Canada's Jasper National Park. After he and his climbing partner, Chris Dube, reached the top of the climb, Holland was probing the ground with a ski pole, searching for a safe route down, when a cornice collapsed beneath him. He disappeared.

Rescuers searched for Holland's body for a week, but weather, avalanche, and icefall prevented recovery.


On August 15 of this year, two hikers spotted a yellow jacket and red pack on top of the ice of Dome Glacier. Upon investigation, they discovered that the jacket and pack were still attached to Holland. The glacier had carried his body a half mile from his fall, and after two decades, warmer weather had exposed his remains. According to the Edmonton Journal, Holland was found in his full climbing gear with his rope slung over his shoulder.

Condolences to the Holland family on this long-awaited closure.

You can read the full story at the Edmonton Journal.

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August 31, 2010 at 5:41 p.m. (EDT)

I posted something simular in the backpackers forum this morning.

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September 1, 2010 at 8:56 a.m. (EDT)

I shall tip a glass to you, Mr. Holland.

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