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Police stymie Jackson Hole skier's ascent

Sheriff’s deputies arrested pioneer backcountry skier Roland Fleck at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and ski patrollers tobogganed him off the mountain in handcuffs after he refused to stop skiing uphill.
Read the full article at Jackson Hole News&Guide. (via WildSnow)


Washington's state Legislature is considering a bill that would make out-of-bounds skiing at ski areas a civil infraction that could result in a $1,000 fine. Sen. Jim Kastama, a ski patrol volunteer, says the bill would not prohibit people from going into the backcountry to ski, but would help patrolers keep skiers out of restricted zones, such as during avalanche control.


Access Fund wants input on NPS fixed anchor proposal

The National Park Service has released an updated draft of its wilderness management policies. The update covers a wide range of topics including provisions specific to climbing fixed anchors. The Access Fund is soliciting input from the climbing community to inform its policy position on this issue.
Take the Access Fund's survey.


Copp-Dash Inspire Award: $20,000 in grants awarded for climbs

The Copp-Dash Inspire Award helps support small teams tackling difficult climbs in the great mountains of the world. Send completed applications to the American Alpine Club by March 31, 2011.
Read more about the AAC grant.


Black Diamond to launch outdoor technical apparel for fall 2013

Black Diamond is targeting fall of 2013 as a possible launch time for an outdoor technical apparel brand, expressing the view that both apparel and footwear represent significant long term opportunities to extend the Black Diamond brand.

N.Hoolywood's collection at New York Fashion Week. (Photo: N.Hoolywood)

Read the full article in Outdoor USA.


N.Hoolywood's wind-clapped turn of the century climber collection covered N.Hoolywood's alpine-inspired collection from New York Fashion Week:
The show opened with a series of gusting wind sound effects as models emerged from some sort of glacial backdrop. The models: Weather-clapped, sunburned, mostly heavily-bearded, aging (made up to look aging, at least), walking slowly and stunned, wielding axes and rope and tremendous rucksacks.
Check out the runway pics on

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February 18, 2011 at 3:37 p.m. (EST)

The handling of the situation with Ronald FleckĀ is appalling. I plan on writing the resort about it.

Bill S
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February 18, 2011 at 5:11 p.m. (EST)

I think the Jackson Hole incident with Fleck is, on the one hand, hilarious in its absurdity, and on the other hand shows a profound lack of good judgment and common sense, plus a huge dose of ignorance on the part of the "authorities". Most, if not all, resorts do have a rule about not skiing uphill. But generally, if you stay off to the side of the groomed track, the most I have seen any patroller do is make a comment about "remember to stay off the track and watch out for the boarders - they are crazy and don't pay any attention to anything." Tell me this, suppose I fall for some reason and lose a ski. To retrieve it, I will have to walk back uphill. Which is more hazardous - leaving a loose ski on the hill or going back up to retrieve it? Or I see someone fall or otherwise in trouble? Am I forbidden from climbing back uphill (side stepping, herringbone, skins, or even, gasp, booting) to help them?

Hmmm, can't it be considered entrapment when the patroller told Fleck to ski down to the base, then as he stepped into his one ski, another patroller taking the other away from him?

However, I do have one thing against Fleck - it is he and his kind who are superfit at 84 who are responsible for the resorts moving the "senior lift ticket" age to 75, 80, and (in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho) 85? Just as I reach each "senior" age bracket, they raise the age by another 5 years, so I can never qualify for the discount.

On the NPS (and USFS) bolting proposals - As they currently read, the bolting guidelines and rules are overkill. On the one hand, I generally oppose bolting, especially using the big Bosch electric drills, and especially bolts placed on rappel. On the other hand, I do admit to using them when they are there, and favor replacing old and unsafe bolts. I plan on giving the proposals a more thorough reading to make sure I understand them.

On the N.Hoolywood clothing - I am pretty sure I know some of those guys. One of them looks very much like a recent climbing partner. The clothes, on the other hand, are only slightly better than the spandex and lycra of the 1970s and 1980s. So when do they appear in REI and EMS?

Reminder: never ever take any comments by OGBO seriously. Keep in mind that he is a certified (and certifiable) member of the Ancient and Dishonorable Society of Dirtbag Curmudgeons. {8=>D

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