Outdoor Links: Bears, Sidecountry Rescues, Gadhafi's Beans hat

Stuck indoors? You can still get a little outdoor hit by reading outdoor-related articles from the world beyond.

Here are a few stories worth sharing, featuring bears, sidecountry rescues, workouts that destroy families, and Gaddafi's hat from Beans.


Bears Emerging from Dens in Yellowstone

Grizzly tracks in Yellowstone in May 2002. (Image: Jim Peaco/NPS)

Despite the deep snowpack in many areas, spring is on its way. According to the National Park Service, some of Yellowstone’s grizzly bears have begun emerging from dens:  

On Tuesday, March 1, park employees observed grizzly bear tracks on Mary Mountain, which is roughly near the center of the lower loop of the park’s Grand Loop Road. ... Bears begin looking for food soon after they emerge from their dens. They are attracted to elk and bison which have died during the winter. Read the full release.


A Workout Ate My Marriage

This Wall Street Journal article by by Kevin Helliker is more than a month old, but it's an interesting read about exercise widows and widowers, "divorce by triathlon," and how couples handle the conflict between exercise and family and free time:

As the wife of an endurance athlete, Caren Waxman wakes up alone every morning, including holidays. "Mother's Day really upset me," says the Rockleigh, N.J., mother of three, age 47, whose husband leaves before dawn each morning for hours of exercise. In May, he will wish her a happy Mother's Day from Utah, where he will compete in a triathlon. Read the full article.


Sidecountry rescue calls increasing for ski areas

The Denver Post recently covered the issue of sidecountry snow rescues near resorts:

Two men died last month after leaving ski-area access gates in search of untracked powder. As more skiers and snowboarders venture through access gates atop most every ski area, calls for difficult-to-reach rescues are climbing. Read the full article.

The paper followed up with the editorial "Not all rescues should be free."

The Wilderness Experience

Jason Martin wrote on the American Alpine Institute's Climbing Blog about needing to work to find wilderness (otherwise, don't complain):  

While enjoying the absolutely perfect day, we came upon a number of people who really felt that there were too many people out there, that their "wilderness experience" was being tarnished by the volume of backcountry users. Read the blog. 


Libyan Despot Gaddafi: "Death to Lands' End! All Hail LL Bean!"

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafii and his crimes against humanity aren't funny. Conan O'Brien's subtitled video of the leader talking about his new L.L. Bean hat? Maybe a little funny. Watch the video on racked.com and decide for yourself.

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