Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin

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Stick the Adventure Medical Kits' Moleskin Kit in your bag and set out a weekend on the trail. When your boots start to rub and you can feel that old nemesis the hot spot starting to form, take a break and protect your tootsies from painful blisters with Adventure Medical Kits' new super soft, super adhesive moleskin. Pre-cut shapes and sizes help you apply moleskin easily and get back on task quicker than you can say, "Scalopus aquaticus".


This popular anti-blister remedy prevents blisters and hot spots by protecting feet from friction and pressure inside shoes.


User friendly with its pre-cut shapes and sizes for quick and easy application. The larger oval shape pieces include pre-cut inner holes for creating a "donut" for the blister to fit in.


With enough blister prevention and treatment plasters for a large group expedition or just to resupply your personal kit, the Moleskin Kit from Adventure Medical will keep your feet happy and your hike enjoyable.. . . 22 bandages of varying shapes and sizes. No scissors needed, bandages are pre-shaped to fit toes, heels or anywhere your feet are taking a beating. Includes six alcohol swabs for cleaning wounds prior to applying moleskin. Large bandages with removable inset to build up surrounding area around a blister. 2 Large oval plasters1.75 x 3 in.. 4 Medium oval plasters 1 x 2 in.. 4 Medium toe plasters 1 x 1.375 in.. 6 Small toe plasters 0.75 x 1 in.. 6 Small strip plasters 0.5 x 1.375 in.. 6 alcohol wipes