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Quikclot is the type of product that you don't need…

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Quikclot is the type of product that you don't need often. But, when you do need it, you need it very badly.

I have used it several times to stem the bleeding from severe cuts and it has performed exactly as expected. When I say you don't need it often, what I am saying is that it is not the first thing you go to when you or someone with you suffers a bad cut. The first thing should be done it to use regular gauze pads to cover the wound and then apply pressure for a period of time. That is the first-aid technique we have all learned.

However, when the wound is deep and the gauze/pressure technique does not get the bleeding stopped, use a Quikclot pad and apply pressure. Each time I have had to use Quikclot, the bleeding has been stopped and we were able to butterfly the wound and get the person to a medical facility for closure. At least one time, the wound required over 15 stitches at the ER, but did not bleed between the hiking trail and the hospital. Quikclot works. I have used it and do not go in the mountains without some in my first-aid kit.

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This 2 pack of Adventure Medical QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze is impregnated with Kaolin, the same homeostasis technology used by the US troops to stop even the worst external traumatic bleeding wounds quickly. Each QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze is packaged in an easy to open foil pouch to keep the gauze free of contaminates. The easy-to-use dressing can be contoured to fit any wound and can achieve homeostasis in as little as three minutes.

- CampSaver.com

An essential part of any first aid or emergency kit, the Z-Medica 25g QuikClot Advanced clotting sponge helps stop moderate to severe bleeding until further medical help is available.


The Adventure Medical Kits QuikClot Sport is an essential addition to first aid kits small or large. QuikClot is an chemically inert material suspended in a porous surgical mesh bag which works to speed coagulation and stop bleeding up to 3 times faster than blood on its own. This proven system is used and carried by emergency responders, military and law enforcement Promotes blood coagulation for stable clots Mesh keeps QuikClot(R) Zeolite mineral beads out of wounds Low heat formula won't harm skin Safe to leave on wounds until you reach advanced care Easy to use, QuikClot agent can be applied in any direction and allows the administrator to apply pressure Each package contains a 50 g bag of QuikClot 5 x 5 in (12.7 x 12.7 cm) provides coverage up to moderate size wounds

- OMCgear

A hatchet to the foot or a gunshot wound to the shin isn't funny, unless there was juggling or a mime involved. Either way, the Adventure Medical Quikclot Advanced Clotting Sponge uses a chemically inert substance to stop the bleeding faster than just applying pressure can. Two available sizes of chemically treated mesh sponges let you safely and more effectively reduce blood loss while you get your friend to the hospital.

- Backcountry.com

QuikClot Sport single-use mesh pouch stops bleeding fast. When injuries occur far from immediate medical attention, QuickClot Sport helps control bleeding until help arrives or you can get to an appropriate medical facility. Great for any gym bag, glovebox, first aid kit or just to keep in your backpack or purse. Single Use - 50 gram pouch (4.75 x 4.75 inches).

- Second Ascent