Backcountry Access Float 32

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Skiing in the backcountry comes with the inherent risk of exposure to avalanche terrain. Should you find yourself caught in a slide, the BCA Float 32 Airbag Backpack is a tool that offers a drastically increased chance of survival. Pull a trigger on the shoulder strap, and a highly durable airbag quickly inflates behind your head, decreasing your odds of burial in avalanche debris by increasing your overall buoyancy. Even with this technology, the Float Backpack still offers all the storage you need for your shovel, probe, goggles, and other gear--here's to the evolution of safety beyond the rope.


Free Shipping. Backcountry Access Float 32 Airbag Pack FEATURES of the Backcountry Access Float 32 Airbag Pack This pack was designed for professionals and guides, and all of us backcountry enthusiasts carrying all of the essentials Use for longer tours, SAR, patrolling, and guiding The trigger can be set for either the left or right shoulder strap You can choose to route hydration through the non-trigger side SPECIFICATIONS of the Backcountry Access Float 32 Airbag Pack Pack height: 23in. Pack width: 11.5in. Pack depth: 6.5in. Volume: 1950 cubic inches (32 L) Weight: 6.5 lbs (2984 g; which is entire system including full cylinder) Cylinder weight: 1.4 lbs (624 g, full) Fabric is made with 330 double rip stop nylon and 840 ballistic nylon blend INCLUDED with the Backcountry Access Float 32 Airbag Pack Big volume Load lifters Dedicated shovel/probe pocket and a waist belt pocket *The cylinder is NOT included. Please don't hate us.

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Designed for pros, guides, and dedicated backcountry junkies the Backcountry Access Float 32 Pack carries all the essentials. An airbag is designed to keep you at or near the surface, minimizing excavation time. BCA's Float avalanche airbags are the first airbags that are both affordable and easily reusable. A wide network of BCA-authorized refill centers provide unmatched service to Float purchasers. A small 2,700-psi (186 bar) compressed-air cylinder, single-chamber 150-liter airbag, and super efficient venturi system make the Float systems easy to refill, light and affordable.Air Cylinder sold separately


The Backcountry Access Float 32 Avalanche Airbag pack incorporates an inflatible airbag that is designed to keep you at or near the surface of the snow during an avalanche.


All BCA airbag packs require an air canister to function Bent Gate sells both full and empty BCA canisters Trustworthy mechanical actuation Some airbag systems offer explosive actuation Other packs are in the works using batteries and fans Even some mechanical systems require special hard parts that may be difficult to find in a pinch The BCA uses compressed air in its canister and orings are the only item consumed after the bag is inflated The orings used by the BCA pack arent proprietary You can find the orings you need down at the local hardware store This means that youll still be able to service your BCA pack 20 years down the road regardless of where airbag technology headsOne pillowshaped airbag The majority of airbag manufacturers including MammutSnowpulse ScottAlpride and BCA use a single pillow shaped airbag with a capacity of 150 liters Why Because it works Its that simplePack options What pack options When you buy a BCA pack youre stuck with the pack length and capacity you originally purchased The airbag unit isnt designed to be removable and BCA packs arent available without an airbag unit installed That makes the BCA a lot like a normal backpack Choose your capacity wisely You want a big 42 liter pack if youre planning lots of overnight hut trips You want a smaller pack if youre usually out for less than a full day Consumables The BCA system uses compressed air and you can get the canisters filled almost anywhere dive shops paintball shops the local fire department and some backcountry ski shops After deploying the airbag youre in for a couple of easytofind orings The cost for a refill and orings is generally less than 15 Theres nothing proprietary about the BCA system and thats a good thing for people who plan on keeping their airbag pack for as long as possible BCA Float 32 Airbag System Large volume load lifters and dedicated pockets for all your avy gear make the Float 32 Airbag a solid pack for nearly all of your offpiste adventures BCA keeps the weight down and the price competitive on the Float series by including only the features that you absolutely need 100 mechanical actuation and few consumables to replace makes this an airbag system youll be able to use for years to come BCA Backcountry Access not Backcountry Invincibility If all it took was an airbag pack to make yourself invincible in the backcountry we would probably sell a lot more of them And our favorite stash spots would be overrun with people wearing them Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your personal outlook an airbag pack is just another tool you can use for a safer backcountry experience Its not the endallbeall of backcountry safety gear Always carry your shovel probe and beacon even if you have an airbag system on your back Skiing or riding the backcountry with nothing more than an airbag is unacceptable risky and dangerous When used with a shovel probe and beacon an avalanche airbag could give you the edge you need to stay alive if worst comes to worst in the backcountry Survival is never guaranteed in an avalanche even if you deploy an airbag system Still have questions Call the shop toll free and ask away 877 2368428Features Panel access makes it easy to get in and out of your loadZippered tool compartment for easy access to your gearLined goggle pocket keeps expensive optics looking brand newWaist belt pockets for carrying small tools and misc gear chap stik anyoneDiagonal ski carry for when you have to bootpack your way up the mountainDual ice axe carryExchangeable left or right side trigger great for snowmobilers Height adjustable triggerDaisy chainFixed leg strap keeps the pack where it needs to be no matter what