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Recent Sling/Strap Reviews

Sea to Summit Accessory Straps

rated 4.5 of 5 stars These straps do their job. They are easy to use and give no hassle. These straps seem to be very durable and seem like they will last a very long time. I went back and forth whether to buy these for $10 or buy cheap ones at Walmart and I'm glad I went with these. The metal buckle gives me peace of mind that they're not going to snap. The hook on the buckle is great because you don't have to thread the end through the buckles every time you want to unstrap something. You just loosen the strap a little… Full review

Backcountry Solutions Keyhole

rated 5 of 5 stars Keyhole Hands-Free Camera Harness - No more swing!! I've been looking for just such a device for years. My wife bought me the Keyhole Camera Harness for my birthday as a gift because she knows I hate carrying the camera, but love to take photos. I tried it out on a weekend backpacking trip and loved it! No more swing and easy to use.  Now I use it every time I use my camera. The hassle of having a swinging camera was reason enough to stash it in the pack and forgo the pics. Not any more. … Full review

Backcountry Solutions Keyhole

rated 3 of 5 stars The Backcountry Solutions Keyhole Hands-Free Camera Harness is a unique way to keep your camera handy, secure, and motion-free around your neck while hiking. Hiking with a camera can sometimes be a pain, especially if you wear it over your neck or sling it over your shoulder, where it will often swing back and forth, or slips off your shoulder at just the wrong time. And if you stash your camera in your backpack or pocket, then there is the opportunity of a missed shot while fumbling to retrieve… Full review

Indigo G-String

rated 5 of 5 stars Yes, I bought three of these in 2005. Love them! People kept borrowing them. I was down to two, then one, and now I have none. I really wish these would be available again! Full review

Mountainsmith Strapettes

rated 5 of 5 stars These are a must if you own a Mountainsmith!!! I recently purchased them after spending months of uncomfortable tweaking and adjusting my Mountainsmith as a messenger bag. I was never happy! I even wrote an angry review.  Now however, with the Strapettes attached to my bag I love the thing! It is like a whole new bag! and I feel bad that I keep using it over my other bags even. The way they situate your load is amazing and they feel great.  It is my new favorite bag. If you're going to own a Mountainsmith,… Full review

Mountainsmith Strapettes

rated 4 of 5 stars I got this for my Mountainsmith Tour bag. I carry 64 oz of water with my other gear my pack weight is around 15 to 17 pounds. The first thing I can tell you is the instructions are no good. The backstraps connect to your shoulder strap location but I had problems with the front. I found this link on the internet which help a lot. this should solve problems with the… Full review

Indigo G-String

rated 5 of 5 stars I was given the Indigo G-string as a gift a couple years ago and think it's fabulous! I use it to hike up Highlands Bowl (a 12,200'+ peak at Aspen Highlands, Colorado) because it is a lightweight, quick and easy way to carry my skis on my back, freeing my hands up to use my ski poles for balance, and eliminating the need for a heavy backpack. Unfortunately, our local retail shop that used to carry this product told me that the company discontinued it! I would really like to buy more, for myself… Full review

Eagle Creek Matrix Krypton

Lifeime Warranty / Guarantee Bullsh*t Just a friendly advice to anyone intending to purchase Eagle Creek products based on their "Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty" clauses. Please be warned that Eagle Creek does not interpret the terms written in their product label and their website the way we consumers thought it to be. To put it in short, it is interpreted to their advantage and not the consumers. I have all these in writing from Eagle Creek Director of Sales (USA) and am now in the process of trying… Full review