Bern Lenox

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When helmets first started appearing on the slopes, they looked ridiculous. Not only were we simply not used to them, but many were just plain goofy-looking. But now, helmets have become the norm and they've become much easier to live with. For years, Bern has been leading the charge for a better-looking helmet, and the result is the Women's Lenox EPS Thin Shell Visor Helmet. The Lenox starts with Bern's Thin ABS hard shell and then adds EPS, a lightweight, one-time-use foam that evenly distributes force and gives its life to save yours in the event of a high-impact crash. Bern's Signature Shape allows the Lenox to be up to 35% lower profile than standard snow helmets, and the ergonomic fit means it fits around your head instead of perching on top of it. You won't look like you just stepped from a time machine in this sleek, low-profile helmet. The Lenox isn't just about style, though. Several large vents allow air to flow through the helmets to keep you from burning up. A micro-adjust ratchet at the back lets you dial in the perfect fit on the fly. The goggle-friendly visor also adds a bit of protection from the sun and from tree branches and debris. All told, the Lenox weighs just 17 ounces and fits like a glove, so you won't be thinking about your helmet while you shred. Except, of course, when an admiring rider tosses you a compliment. -