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Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger

rated 5 of 5 stars This is a very good hanger that will last. If you need a bombproof hanger, this is what you want. They are heavy, but will last. I have placed several in various caves. You can tell they are a quality product. Full review

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Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger
Metolius Stainless Steel Bolt Hanger
Fixe Triplex 3-Piece Removable Bolt
Fixe Stainless Steel Ring Anchor
$10 - $17
Metolius Enviro Bolt Hanger
Trango Sport Anchor Kit
$142 - $189
Fixe Ring Anchor
$6 - $10
Fixe Powers SS 1/2" 5 Piece Bolt
Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor System
$35 - $39
Omega Pacific Rappel Ring
Fixe Rappel Ring
$4 - $6
Mad Rock Sentinel Hanger
Petzl Speedy
Fixe Wedge Bolt Stainless
Fixe Plated Steel Hanger
Petzl Coeur
$11 - $799
Liberty Mountain 5/8 in Galvanized Nut Eye Bolt
Advanced Base Camp Cragster Bolt Kit
Liberty Mountain Allen Wrench
Fixe INOX Steel Rappel Ring
Pika Removable Bolt
Pika Escudo Rivet Hanger
Fixe Rawl 5-Piece Bolt
Advanced Base Camp Mini Anchor Plate
Liberty Mountain Challenger Course Auger
Liberty Mountain Challenge Course Turnbuckle
Petzl Ampoule Collinox
Liberty Mountain Challenge Course Cable Thimble
Moses Enterprises Keyhole Rivet Hangers
Petzl Go
Fixe Rawl Powerstud Wedge Bolt
Petzl Demi-Rond
$25 MSRP
Fixe Sport Anchor
Liberty Mountain 5/8 in Galvanized Oval Eye Bolt
Yates Rivit Hanger
Mammut Maillon QuickLink
PMI SMC Descending Ring
Liberty Mountain 5/8 in x 12 in Turnbuckle Eye and Eye
Liberty Mountain Challenge Course Rapid Links
Liberty Mountain 5/8 in Galvanized Angle Eye Bolt
Petzl Coeur Goujon
$11 MSRP
Petzl Collinox
$19 MSRP
Petzl Bat'inox
$34 MSRP
Fixe Power-Bolt
Petzl Long Life
Yates Forged Anchorage