Brooks-Range Ultralite Solo Tarp



This tarp does not hold up, and does not keep a single…

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This tarp does not hold up, and does not keep a single word promised in the information from Brooks-Range.


  • None!


  • The tarp is not waterproof at all!
  • Small for 1 person.
  • Velcro will tangle with the attached lines.

I have had this tarp for two years. I've only used it twice. Once on one winter hike to cover up the lean-to, and once on a hike in the Whites in the month of August. I was using it in combination with my Rab eVent bivy that I normally only use during the winter. The tarp is very small for 1 person and it can only just be done under perfect conditions. I was setting camp at the Liberty Springs campsite on the Franconia ridge. It was a wet night but I thought I'd be okay. 

This tarp is as waterproof as a cotton jersey! The water is penetrating right through the tarp. I've since checked on the Brooks-Range website where they have a review stating they the fabric is waterproof, and they state themselves that its waterproof up to 1 lb per square inch. 

From my point of view, it should be illegal to make such statements for outdoor equipment! I made it through the night but everything was soaked. I knew this already when I went to bed, because the rain was raining on me through the tarp!!

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