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Ultralite Solo Tarp

rated 0.5 of 5 stars This tarp does not hold up, and does not keep a single word promised in the information from Brooks-Range. I have had this tarp for two years. I've only used it twice. Once on one winter hike to cover up the lean-to, and once on a hike in the Whites in the month of August. I was using it in combination with my Rab eVent bivy that I normally only use during the winter. The tarp is very small for 1 person and it can only just be done under perfect conditions. I was setting camp at the Liberty Springs… Full review

Alpini Mountain Anorak

rated 5 of 5 stars Outstanding product! Sizing was normal — XL fit me (5'9", 215) perfect over a compression layer, light wool, and R3 fleece. I use it for winter float fly fishing (not much movement) and snowshoeing (constant movement) and the Alpini is super for both. If you're active, layer carefully as this is a warm unit. The side zips are great, but since I don't wear a climbing harness, I'd prefer pit zips. Hand warmer muff pocket in the front lacks closures, but stays shut, works great with a chemical hand… Full review

Mojave Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Brooks-Range Mojave Jacket is one impressive product. Its combination of wet weather performance and unique features sets it apart from the competition. The Brooks-Range Mojave Jacket is one impressive product. Its combination of wet weather performance and unique features set it apart from the competition. The Mojave is more of an outer layer than mid, so keep that in mind when making your ultimate purchase. If you need something more sweater-like then you’ll need to look elsewhere. But if… Full review

Mojave Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars New technology used by Brooks-Range Mountaineering treats the down fill, which allows it to dry fast and retain its loft. The Brooks-Range Mountaineering Mojave Down Jacket was a welcome addition to my gear closet because “It’s not always sunny and warm on your adventure.” It’s made of 800+ fill weight of DownTek, a proprietary down treatment.  The nano technology helps make the down fill water repellant to keep you better insulated in case the jacket gets wet by either the elements, or… Full review

Alpini Sleeping Pad

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Too good of a deal to pass up. A while back I saw this pad on clearance for so low that I thought it was a joke; a lower price than a foam pad!  cheaper than a pizza! It looks like the company is phasing these out, I don't know why. No matter why you better get one while they are on closeout sale! My kids all need gear so I decided to pull the trigger on this deal. If they behave I might actually let them use it some day. The idea of sleeping on a lighter, 3/4 length pad and using your pack… Full review

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