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rated 4 of 5 stars Great trail running shoe for the minimalist at heart...but not in the mud. This has been my go-to minimal trail running shoe for a while now. I picked them up on sale just as the Pure Grit 2 had been released and overall...I'm happy. The most of my comments can be summed up in my pros and cons list, but I must stress just how lousy the outsole is in muddy situations. The lugs are fairly far apart, leaving lots of surface area for sliding in the wet...including slipping on wet roots. If you are primarily… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Fit well out of the box. Smooth, comfortable ride. Bought my red pair two years ago and finally packed them out. These were the first-gen PureGrits and I have since recommended them to a few folks around here. I recommended that they never take them out in the wet or out onto technical, rocky sections though as the grip is non-existent. For gravel or mellow, dry singletrack they are the cat's meow and I put many a mile on them. The Nav Band helped me stash my never-loose laces so they weren't flapping… Full review

Cascadia 7

rated 4 of 5 stars Solid toe protection, stable platform, minimal arch, decent grip in dry conditions, but unable to handle too much weight. Personal Usage and Background I run trails in Southern California. Typical distances range from three to eight miles. Elevation changes are usually no more than 1000', but are usually much, much less.  Because of my SoCal location, the conditions in which I run are almost always dry, dry, dry. I have a low arch (technically, Morbus Ledderhose), so I favor shoes with minimal… Full review


rated 2.5 of 5 stars The durability of this year's model has gone down considerably. I have used them for the last three years, and they have been great until the new style. They are lighter and lasted about a month before they became uncomfortable. New lighter material in padding is not lasting as long. Exterior of shoe is holding up fine. I changed to a different brand after two pairs in less than 4 months. I wore daily, not for running/training. The Beast is known for its stability and still provides excellent stability. Full review

Cascadia 7

rated 2.5 of 5 stars These shoes hurt so bad they didn't even make it to a trail. I wore them to work for a day and I was in pain for two days. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Brooks. These just did not work. I bought these shoes because a friend of mine was raving about them. I wore them once and I had to return them. They seemed to fit my high arch okay, but my heel didn't feel supported. After just a day I had lower back pain and my knees ached really bad. I retured them for the Brooks Pure Connect, which fit like a glove. Full review

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