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The Cleanwaste Dry Toilet System, which includes thePUP(TM) Privacy Tent is a truly portable, easy to use,and sanitary means of human waste disposal that sets up inseconds.The system includes the Cleanwaste Dry Toilet, the PUP Privacy Tent, the TOTE(TM) backpack and 15 WAG BAGA(R) Toilet in a Bag(TM) wastekits.The Cleanwaste Dry Toilet folds to briefcase size (19" x 14"x 5") and sets up in seconds.The toilet sets up to the same height and bowl size asa standard household toilet. Its three leg design givesgreat stability on uneven ground.The Wag Bag Toilet in a Bag waste kits each include alandfil approved bag good for 3-4 uses, a zip-close outerdisposal bag, toilet paper and a handsanitizer.The degradable WAG BAG contains a bioactive non-toxicgelling powder that encapsulates liquid and solid waste,neutralizes odors (no perfumes), initiates and acceleratesdecomposition.WAG BAGS are approved for disposal in any garbage canand sanitary landfill.The PUP Privacy Tent has three closable windows and adoor and has a top flap that admits an outdoor showerhead.It stands 6' 6" tall and the base measures 4' x4'.No assembly is required for the tent, all the poles andconnectors are attached within the tent's fabric. Forsanitary reasons there is no floor.The TOTE backpack holds the entire toilet system,including a pocket for carrying used bags whennecessary.The complete system weighs only 18 pounds.The system is great for boating trips, camping and homeemergency preparedness.The next time you have to go, you will be glad you haveyour Cleanwaste system!Many boating areas now require you to carry out human waste. Even for those that don't, the removal of waste products protects the environment. Always check ahead with the area management agency to find out what they require for carry out systems. For example, the Cleanwaste system is only approved by the National Park Service for use in the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River for day use and side hikes. You will need a different system for use in camp. Always pack out used bags in a rigid, waterproof container.


When you look at this backpack, you might not guess that a portable toilet, privacy shelter, and fifteen waste kits all live inside it, just waiting for your rafting and car-camping adventures. Grab this pack and help promote no-waste-left-behind in the wilderness.


The SYSTEM offers everything you need for a portable toilet and waste management system. It features a TOTE backpack containing a PETT portable toilet, the PUP privacy tent and a WAG 12-pack kit. The SYSTEM meets EPA Group II waste disposal standards (approved for landfills).

- Altrec Outdoors