Cloudveil Serendipity Jacket

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Pros: Light, functional, good fabric for drape, tough…

Rating: rated 3 of 5 stars
Fabric: schoeller DrySkin 3xdry
Price Paid: $130

Light, functional, good fabric for drape, tough and good fitting cut.

Expensive, not as breathable as you may think, not very insulated.

I like the cut of this jacket, fits well. Not all the bells and whistles and I like that. Overall a great all-around jacket, but not perfect. When someone tells you it's's a lie. No jacket I have found is perfect.

Also, this jacket is made in China, it used to be made in USA. How all the sudden, gear companies get super cheap labor, but their cost per item remains the same. And don't bring in taxes and shipping...I know international economic guidelines. Just a question.

Also, for cooler temps, go with the Polertec Powershield, a better fabric for cooler temps. Doesn't breathe quite as well, but will keep you warmer.


After reading all the nice reviews about this jacket,…

Rating: rated 2 of 5 stars
Fabric: Schoeller Dryskin
Price Paid: 200

After reading all the nice reviews about this jacket, I decided to get myself one. However, I was very disappointed at the craftsmanship. The label says it's made in Canada, but the stitchings are so poor that I thought the jacket was some TNF jacket made in Bangladash. I'm not trying to insult the Canadian craftsmanship. I own an Arc'Teryx Theta AR that's made in Canada, and I think that it's the most well made jacket I've seen.

The fabric is nice and stretchy though, except I'd probably instead try to get the Arc'Teryx Gamma SL made of the same material.


I wear this thing everyday. On the hottest summer…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Fabric: Scholer Dryskin
Price Paid: $180 (sale)

I wear this thing everyday. On the hottest summer days, I take it to the beach with me instead of a sweatshirt. On the coldest winter days, I wear it snowboarding or climbing. I even look pretty cool with it on at the bars.

The closest thing to a downside is that really heavy rain or wet snow will eventually come through. When I expect these conditions (or don't know what to expect), I take along my cheap Helly Hansen rain coat and throw it on over the Serendipity. The cheap rain protection doesn't breath, but the Serendipity's water resistance does ok with what I sweat into the space between the layers.

All in all, this is the best option for versatility. It's also nice to support a small company instead of a giant that puts bells and whistles on gore-tex to appeal to the same group that buys $45,000 SUVs to drive around the 'burbs.


This jacket is the most versitile piece of equipment…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Fabric: Scholer Dryskin
Price Paid: $240

This jacket is the most versitile piece of equipment I have ever purchased. Light, strechy and almost wind and waterproof, the ultimate climbing and riding jacket. I have used it in the Olympics and snow boarding @ Crystal Mountain and have not had any problems. Layer well underneath, like Powerstrech or Dryflow, and just go. Large Napoleon pockets pull double duty as core vents and work better than pit zips. I have yet to see a jacket like this from TNF, Marmot, or even Mountain Hardware. Cloudveil has definately made a nich for itself. Definately worth the money. Hey, it's even made in the USA!


Coooool jacket. Slightly stretchy, pretty waterproof,…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Fabric: schoeller dryskin extreme
Price Paid: $239

Coooool jacket.

Slightly stretchy, pretty waterproof, totally windproof, slightly insulating. The inside feels and insulates like a lightweight fleece. The outside feels like rugged nylon and sheds light rain, mist and snow. Elbows are reinforced, but even the non-reinforced areas feel very rugged. Pockets are high (don't interfere with climbing harness) and pretty large. And, the whole thing has just a bit of stretch to it which makes it super comfortable to climb in. I couldn't layer a lot under it so it wouldn't be that useful for really cold conditions, but for everything else, it is SWEEEEET!

Cloudveil Serendipity Jacket

$210.00 (men's)

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