Deuter Futura 30 SL

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Weight 3 lb 8 oz / 1580 g
Capacity 1830 cu in / 30 L
Size 24 in x 13 in x 8.7 in / 62 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm
Material Deuter-Ripstop 210 / Deuter-Super-Polytex



WOMAN'S version: I am reviewing this solely on its…

Rating: rated 3 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 119.00


WOMAN'S version: I am reviewing this solely on its sizing. It is a Deuter pack and quality made. All the great features are present, but the woman's sizing is quite petite.


  • Deuter quality
  • Trampoline back
  • Pack cover on board
  • SOS flap on top pocket
  • Main compartment division/access


  • VERY short waist belts
  • Very short torso
  • Bladder connection not well designed

This is the woman's version of the Futura SL 30. I had the most wonderful expectations of it. I did not field test it because I will be returning it right out of the box. I expected the torso to be a bit shorter than the male version but this was TINY. Fat or thin, the length of this pack just seems to be made for a child.


This picture is on REI as the woman's. But you can tell it is the man's version because there is no fake flower on it. All the woman's packs by Deuter have this fake flower attached. Why is that important you ask?

Because when you look at the woman's version here it looks shorter. I may be overthinking this, but when I put that over my shoulders, it simply hit me mid back. I am 5'8".

Further research states the length of the woman's as 12". Interestingly, there really IS no men's 30, but a 32 which is stated to be but one inch longer than this. I literally was trying to get the waist belt around just under my ribs on this. Maybe my view of these two images is simply not correct and they are photographed differently. At any rate, it is a small bag that I could not get comfortable on my back to even give the thing a whirl.

Here is the Men's 32:


The picture does not really reveal that the men's waist belt is much longer, and a bit wider too.  All in all, the woman's is really for a petite woman, not an average woman. Add to that, if you are a heavyset woman this is not even going to buckle on you. The straps are so short that even if I lost down to a healthy weight for me, the belt would not buckle.

I am disappointed in Deuter for their woman's packs being so small. This is a good pack and would likely have performed well in the field. But only if you were a below average sized woman.


5'8" isn't all that tall for a woman. I'm surprised this was so short on you, Karen. I always like your reviews! (Post more.)

4 months ago

Some companies get it, some don't I guess. I hope a lot of other women will benefit from your warning

4 months ago

Thanks. I love Deuter, don't get me wrong. It is hard to choose gear in almost any activity if you are a larger woman and that discourages better health. They have won me on quality lost me on practicality where women are concerned.

4 months ago

Fantastically comfortable big-daypack/ultralight overnighter;…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $90


Fantastically comfortable big-daypack/ultralight overnighter; happily recommended.


  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable suspension system
  • Excellent capacity
  • Included rain cover


  • Lack of pockets
  • Hydration pocket still not perfected

I've run through five different day packs in the last few years, and i think i've finally found a winner. I'm no ultralighter - i like to have ALL my equipment when i go for a hike.  i LOVE to have a hot meal in the middle of long day hike. this bag carries everything i could possibly ever need (and always hope never to need), plus my stove and fuel and food, with room left over. it really seems designed more as an ultralighter's pack, what with the separate sleeping bag compartment.

Straps and hipbelts are well-padded, endlessly adjustable.  i love the narrow, tall profile.  i tend to carry around 20 pounds of gear on my dayhikes, and i always end up feeling like i could go farther.  and i love the included rain cover - it gets a lot of use on my Cascade Mts hikes, believe me.  and the air-venting though the back is wonderful - no sweat building up and causing chafing.  five miles or fifteen; rain, snow, or sun; this bag has been great.

My only gripes are pretty minor.  there aren't a lot of interior pockets to contain small items, and the two side pockets aren't particularly well-situated with respect to the compression straps.  and the hydration pocket isn't particularly well-suited to my Camelbak bladder - something true even of my other Camelback pack. in particular, the routing of the tube is a little awkward, and the bladder seems overly intrusive into the main compartment space.  but these are hardly problems that other packs don't have.