DMM Belay Master 2

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Take safety to a new level with the DMM Belay Master 2 Keylock Screw Gate Belay Device. With a plastic gate clip, the Belay Master 2 helps ensure fail-safe closure. This clip also serves the dual purpose of preventing the carabiner from rotating in the belay system, so by the time you're done setting up the belay, the only safety feature you'll be missing will be an airbag.


Lock yourself into the climb with added confidence and control with DMM's Belay Master 2 locking carabiner, an innovative device that uses a plastic clip across the gate for a fail-safe closure check. Prevent crossloading with the plastic clip that stops the carabiner from rotating in the belay system.

- Mountain Gear

Belay carabiners dont always behave as you might want them to. There is potential for the biner to flip into a bad alignment and for cross loading to occur. With this in mind DMM came up with a special clip that once locked in position prevents cross loading occurring by holding the biner and belay device in the correct alignment. There is another advantage too: the clip can only be locked if the Screwgate has been properly closed first. DMM has given the Belay Master 2 Screw Gate Carabiner a Taper Lock nose, a special flared profile on the nose of the biner which significantly increases the side loading strength of the gate. The belay Master 2 is also surprisingly light. So there you have it, one of the safest belay biners ever made and a fool proof set up that has proved very popular with climbing walls and outdoor centers.


A few alterations to the profile were necessary to finalize the overall shape of the basket of this biner and also to perfect the recess the clip fits into The result is a piece of engineering beauty that offers a neat solution to a very real problemdanger The clip can only be locked into place when the gate thimble has been tightened into the locked position This acts as a double check that the biner is closed correctly and securely and the plastic clip itself prevents the biner from being crossloaded in action Note the Belay Master should never be used without the Clip in placeThere is another small but very important development with this carabiner one that will in time benefit all our locking biner range The keylock nose has been developed further so that the profile is flared and tapered The result is a wider crosssection which allows greater side loading and push in strengths than ever before The thimble or barrel of the autolocking gate has a greater surface crosssectional area of contact with the gate when loaded from any direction Taper Lock Patent Pending system is a major step forward in the safety of locking carabiners Features I Beam back construction Clean nose Plastic clip prevents crossloading Taper Lock Patent Pending noseSpecsProduct Weight 93g Strength GateClosed 27kN Strength GateOpen 8kN Strength MinorAxis 10kN Gate Opening 20mm Rope Bearing Surface Width 109mm