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Revolver Screwgate

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great little pulley biner combo. The revolver is a great piece of kit for top roping and glacier travel. It cuts down on rope drag, and it is essentially a built-in pulley, which gives you a huge mechanical advantage especially as a secondary part to crevasse rescue kit. Only complaint is that it won't work with a Petzl Tibloc. Prussicks seem to go fine. Very durable and while the gate opening is a bit narrow, it is easy enough to figure out. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Excellent mountaineering axe for more technical use. This is a excellent lightweight mountaineering axe. It is very useful in all situations. It has a slight curve, making it excellent for swinging. It's worth practicing arrests with it if you aren't used to curved tools. It's comfortable in the hand and just all a round great mountaineering axe.  It works great on glaciers, and performs well on steep sow gullies. I couldn't be happier. I do wish it had an adjustable plastic handle.  Full review

Revolver Screwgate

rated 5 of 5 stars Found these great biners from a friend!!! Greatest biner ever made for cutting down rope drag. The little roller works great for rope drap on routes that zig zag  or over ledges. Use a little longer runner on your quickdraws and never worry about it again. Also the locker works great for setting up a top rope on fixed belays. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars I always keep one of these within reach in the lid of my pack. It is definitely not my go-to protection on any routine basis, but this fluke excels at being quick to place when you need protection in a hurry, and the snow is not sufficiently consolidated to hold a picket in a deadman / T-slot configuration without first compacting / tamping the snow, and sometimes you just don't have time to do that.  For example, I might use the fluke as a first anchor to backup a climber holding a crevasse fall… Full review

Phantom Quickdraw

rated 5 of 5 stars These are my favourite draws for trad climbing and have kicked my venerable DMM Spectres into retirement. The combination of super light weight (26g), reasonable size and a gate open strength of 9kn makes them perfect for classic rock routes where you will be carrying lots of carabiners. The weight difference when carrying a rack of these is felt very easily and it really makes a difference on long, hard routes. They clip well especially considering their smaller than average size and don't mis-behave. Full review

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