Eagle Creek Matrix Krypton



Lifeime Warranty / Guarantee Bullsh*t Just a friendly…

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Design: Side bag
Size: 23 litres
Height of Owner: 5' 7"
Price Paid: $129/-

Lifeime Warranty / Guarantee Bullsh*t

Just a friendly advice to anyone intending to purchase Eagle Creek products based on their "Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty" clauses. Please be warned that Eagle Creek does not interpret the terms written in their product label and their website the way we consumers thought it to be.

To put it in short, it is interpreted to their advantage and not the consumers. I have all these in writing from Eagle Creek Director of Sales (USA) and am now in the process of trying to take action against Eagle Creek for misrepresentation and failure to abide to contractual obligation as spelt out in the warranty terms.

Eagle Creek products seems to have a “Useful life” which is not spelt out and is decided by them and not you.

Fyi, The interior of my bag lining deteriorated (i.e.plastic coating came off at various location) and one side of the bag had the bag fabric separated near the sling attachment. Bag was used by my teenage son to carry his school books to college. Eagle Creek said that the bag was not repairable and only offered a small discount. What happened to the replacement if it can't be repaired as stated in the Lifetime Guarantee ????

Eagle Creek Matrix Krypton


The Matrix Krypton has been discontinued.

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The Eagle Creek Matrix Krypton is not available from the stores we monitor.

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