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Comfort Plus

rated 4 of 5 stars Camp pillows have always been one of those "waddaya gonna do" areas. I've used clothes rolled up in a stuff sack (and woke up with deep lines on my face) and have bought other camp pillows that really offer no support at all. This one is great because its firm and rolls into itself for easy storage. Also, it has its own washable double-sided pillow case. Other inflatable ones are just the nylon bladder and are noisy to lay on (any move at all is LOUD...try rubbing a balloon near your ear for a good… Full review

Matrix Krypton

Lifeime Warranty / Guarantee Bullsh*t Just a friendly advice to anyone intending to purchase Eagle Creek products based on their "Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty" clauses. Please be warned that Eagle Creek does not interpret the terms written in their product label and their website the way we consumers thought it to be. To put it in short, it is interpreted to their advantage and not the consumers. I have all these in writing from Eagle Creek Director of Sales (USA) and am now in the process of trying… Full review

Backcountry Alpine

rated 3 of 5 stars Yep, I mailordered a pack. mistake. I am very impressed by the pack with its many college friendly features as well as being climbing and backpacking friendly. Great pack...as long as you have narrow shoulders/neck. Do not buy this unit if you have ever been told that you have a thick neck. The shoulder straps are not adjustable where they attach laterally, and are set rather close together. Big trap muscles definitely need to avoid this pack. Otherwise, great unit and I really wish it would have… Full review

Backcountry Guide

rated 4 of 5 stars I am currently a high school senior, and about three years ago I bought a 2800 c.i. Backcountry Guide pack to replace the many crappy Jansport bags I had destroyed over the years. I needed a pack that I could use for both school and for hiking and short overnight trips, and this pack has proven itself an excellent all around pack. It is very ruggedly built, with the only downside being that the pack, shoulder straps, and hip belt are one integral unit. This pack has seen some pretty heavy use, from… Full review

Backcountry Alpine

rated 3 of 5 stars This pack is relatively nice, however the Cordura has eroded around the high stress stitching areas and I've had to return it back for warranty repair. Its many pockets are nice, and it's pretty comfortable. You do need to fit your torso length to the pack. It will let you know quickly if you chose the wrong size (regular or long torso). Its internal HDPE/Aluminum frame is somewhat thicker than others, making the backpack more stiffer in the back area than others. It's still a good all around day/overnight… Full review

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