EMS Squall Parka



I was a bit skeptical about changing to Milair from…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Fabric: Milair

I was a bit skeptical about changing to Milair from Entrant, but I have found this parka to be every bit as waterproof and breathable, and a lot more durable than the equivalent product in Entrent (no longer made, but a Great Outdoors product).

This is a great parka, and has a super, well tested and well proven design. The Milair can take a hammering and still be as good as new, and i have found it to more durable than Entrant.

The only negative point that I have about this product is the storm flap at the very top of the zip. This has a tendancy to snag the zipper, but with a bit of care when zipping it up, this problem can be avoided.

Positive points include; durabilty, strength, exellent design, deep cargo pockets, and roomy shoulder area.