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Velocity 2 Tent

rated 3 of 5 stars Too short for anyone over 6' and too narrow for all but the most intimate couples. I bought this tent a few years ago. While it did the job, it is one of my least favorite backpacking tents.  The packed Velocity 2 is the green bag strapped to my pack.  The setup tent looks a bit like a horseshoe crab. WEIGHT At 69.7oz (without the footprint), the Velocity 2 is far from lightweight. In fact, it weighs nearly as much as my old 3-person dome tent, but with less room. INTERIOR SPACE Over the past… Full review

Velocity 2 Tent

rated 1.5 of 5 stars Beautiful looking tent with a major design flaw in the zippers / mesh. Caution! The tent is beautiful looking, lightweight, and sets up and takes down easily. The problem? You have to be so careful with the zippers. They are prone to catching the mesh from the tent and after very few uses, I've managed to rip holes in the mesh (one is about 3 inches long). This is a real pity. I've used many tents (EMS, Nemo, LL Bean) and have never had this issue to this extent. It is a design flaw, and I'm waiting… Full review

Velocity 1 Tent

rated 5 of 5 stars Great tent for when you have to sleep alone. I bought this tent to add to my backpacking arsenal because I was tired of carrying around a 2-person tent when most times I end up going solo. By doing so I shed over 2 lbs and reduced the volume it took up in my pack. It is only available at EMS as it's their store branded product. SO if you are not near an EMS and unable to review a unit before purchase that might be an important consideration. (I strongly recommend seeing a demo or at least a packaged… Full review

Thunderhead Jacket

rated 4 of 5 stars The Thunderhead Jacket is a lightweight, waterproof, and windproof jacket suitable for use in all seasons. The rollaway hood is easily accessible and doesn't fill up with rain if you'd rather wear a rain hat. Exterior pockets are large and easy to access. Long pit zips help ventilate even in warmer weather. I bought my EMS Thunderhead Jacket about a year ago because I needed a lightweight, waterproof and windproof shell for 4-season use. It's completely waterproof, and the pit zips allow for excellent… Full review

Impulse Hydration Pack

rated 5 of 5 stars Perfect companion for hiking, trekking, climbing, bicycling, skiing, mountaineering. I bought it a year ago and since then it became my partner in all my endeavors. I even could not expect that its functionality extends beyond usual description. Consider it as good backpack. It big enough to contain lunch sandwich, raincoat, headlight, maps, photo camera,  compass, wallet and, yes, 2-liter water bladder. What else do you need for a day hike? It is very easy. You know, weight is important, especially… Full review

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