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Recent Glove/Mitten Reviews

Superior Glove Calfskin Leather Extreme Cold Weather Gloves Mitt

rated 5 of 5 stars The company guarantees these mitts to be the warmest you've ever owned. For me, they are. For several years now I’ve been using the Outdoor Research Alti Mitt. I’ve had success with these in temps down to around -20°F. They are advertised as expedition mitts and I must say that I’ve been thoroughly impressed with them for the most part. (note: my Alti mitts are an older model. The current model may have better insulation) Lately, I’ve been subjecting myself to colder outings (-20 to -30°F)… Full review

Outdoor Research Men's Alti Mitts

rated 5 of 5 stars The best cold weather protection for your hands. I had my eye on a pair of these for the past year, so I bought a pair last week because of the oncoming weather and I was that impressed that I bought another pair just for luck. They are extremely warm and the build quality is second to none. Having read many reviews I came across some tests where these OR Alti Mitts were tested in the Antarctic against all the other top brands and when it came down to the final figures the Alti Mitts came out… Full review

Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

rated 4.5 of 5 stars My new go-to gloves for cold weather! Well these are now the gloves against which I compare all other gloves and mittens. They are extremely warm and have proven to be very durable so far (I've not had them very long, though). I've used them in -20°F windchill with gusts up to 30 mph and in warmer, wetter weather. They've been bullet proof so far. In fact, these are the first pair of gloves that I've owned that allow my fingers to warm up in sub-zero weather. What I mean is this: usually in sub-zero… Full review

Gordini Men's The Polar Mitt

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Cozy warm interior... on still days. Roomy fit allows for bulky liners or chemical warmers. I'd rather have a cheap pair of Kincos than these... Overall, this isn't a bad mitten. It's super cozy and soft feeling on bare skin and the gauntlet is easy to cinch down, even when wearing a mitten. I have very long fingers and sized my glove according to finger length, not palm width. The result was a mitten that has a lot of room around the palm; great for wearing bulky liners or popping in a chemical… Full review

Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves

rated 5 of 5 stars Great cold weather hybrid, keeps my fingers warm and I am able to do with them just about everything. My fingers always run cold. Always. I got these OR gloves a couple of months ago so I can't testify for their durability (also they look well built). What I can say is that they are very warm and comfortable to wear. So far I used them for walking around the lakes and cycling (in town, Minneapolis). In temperatures as low as 0° F, they kept my fingers relatively warm. I was out for about an hour… Full review

Outdoor Research Transcendent Mitten

rated 5 of 5 stars Very warm mittens. Really good for cold weather. I would recommend them for cold weather hikes or camping, or cold morning waits at the bus stop. The Outdoor Research Transcendent Mittens are very warm, easy to put on, easy off. The fit is snug, but comfortable. Not really tight, no squeezing of the wrists or cuffs. not too certain if the material is water resistant. I would not get the mitts wet, just in case. The palm material is "noisy", but grips things well. Some reviewers of these mitts have… Full review

Borah Gear eVent Rain Mitts

rated 5 of 5 stars The Borah Gear eVent rain mitts are waterproof, ultralight, and breathable to provide protection for your hands from rain, snow, wind, and cold. This is a review of the Borah Gear eVent rain mitts. Borah Gear is a cottage manufacturer of select items for ultralight backpacking—several bivys, a tarp, down vest, down pants, cuben stuff sacks, and these rain mitts. I am not affiliated with BG in any way. These rain mitts are great shell gloves for wet, snowy, and/or windy conditions, and they also… Full review

Outdoor Research Men's PL 400 Sensor Gloves

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Extra warm liner gloves that work great alone or under a shell. As a big fan of liner gloves for the shoulder seasons I've worn a handful (pun intended) of brands. The warmth was what it was. Enough to take a bit of the chill off but usually more functional under gloves or mitts. But the OR PL 400's allow me to get much farther down in to the temps while still providing the type of dexterity that I like when using poles or doing camp chores. Easily the warmest liners I've ever tried. The trick is… Full review

Seirus Thermax Deluxe Glove Liner

rated 1.5 of 5 stars The glove keeps hands warm. First time worn, seams just pulled apart. I made multiple attempts, but the manufacturer never replied. I bought the product as a liner. It kept my hands very warm. Wore them about an hour. I got home, removed the outer glove to find two seams opened up. I sent two emails to the manufacturer. They refused to respond.  I presume that all their products have quality issue, and choose to ignore them. Full review

Top-Rated Gloves and Mittens

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Black Diamond Midweight Glove Liner Glove Liner
$5 - $19
DaKine Hornet Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
Seirus Wizard Deluxe Thermax Glove Liner Glove Liner
$10 - $19
DaKine Brat Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
user rating: 3 of 5 (2)
Seirus Thermax Deluxe Glove Liner Glove Liner
Patagonia Baby Pita Pocket Mittens Fleece Glove/Mitten
$11 - $29
Columbia Chippewa III Mitten - Infant
Carhartt C-Grip
Columbia Chippewa III Mitten - Toddler
Gordini Fall Line II Mitt Soft Shell Glove/Mitten
Terramar Tough Glove Liner Glove Liner
Smartwool Sopris Glove Liner Glove Liner
$13 - $21
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
RedHead Insulated Spandex Hunting Gloves Insulated Glove/Mitten
$13 MSRP
DaKine Scrambler Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
Mammut Thermostretch Glove Glove Liner
Fox River Fingerless Ragg Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Outdoor Research PL Base Sensor Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
$14 - $18
Manzella Ultra Max Glove Liner
Patagonia Synchilla Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
$15 - $31
REI Fleece Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
Outdoor Research PL Sensor Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
Columbia Thermarator Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Smartwool Liner Glove Glove Liner
$16 - $24
Carhartt Quick-Flex Glove
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
DeFeet Handskins Glove Liner
$16 MSRP
Fox River Double Ragg Mitt Fleece Glove/Mitten
Marmot Fleece Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Mountain Hardwear Butter Liner Glove Liner
$17 - $18
Outdoor Research Biosensor Liners Glove Liner
$17 - $21
Columbia Core Glove Insulated Glove/Mitten
Black Diamond LightWeight WoolTech Liner Gloves Glove Liner
$17 - $24
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Manzella Sprint Glove Liner
$17 MSRP
Outdoor Research PL 100 Sensor Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
$17 - $26
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
The North Face Denali Thermal Mitt Fleece Glove/Mitten
$17 - $35
Outdoor Research Fuzzy Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
Neosport 1.5mm XSpan Multi-Sport Glove Waterproof Glove/Mitten
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Black Diamond Lightweight Glove Liner Glove Liner
$19 - $24
Mountain Hardwear Momentum Running Glove Soft Shell Glove/Mitten
Icebreaker Realfleece Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
$18 - $35
Hestra Baby Zip Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
The North Face Work Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
Black Diamond Mont Blanc Gloves Glove Liner
$19 - $24
The North Face Flashdry Liner Glove Liner
$19 - $25
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Outdoor Research ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Gloves Glove Liner
$19 - $25
Patagonia Sun Glove Glove Liner
Patagonia Micro D Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
$19 - $31
Patagonia Baby Puff Mitts Fleece Glove/Mitten
$19 - $26
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
The North Face Denali Etip Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
$20 - $30
REI Timber Mountain Mittens Insulated Glove/Mitten
Burton Profile Under Glove Insulated Glove/Mitten / Waterproof Glove/Mitten
$20 - $39
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