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Recent Glove/Mitten Reviews

SealSkinz Windproof Gloves

rated 4 of 5 stars These are great gloves that really are windproof. I wore them on a 26-mile hike in all weather conditions and my hands stayed warm. These gloves are great! Just like it says, windproof. Kept my hands warm on an all weather trek with high winds and rain and my hands stayed warm. I have Raynauds so it is really important to protect my hands from wind and cold. These gloves did the job. I used the sizing chart provided and ordered a medium. I should be gotten a large. Even though these fit, going up… Full review

The Heat Company Heat 3 Smart

rated 5 of 5 stars One of my favorite cold weather gloves. Made by The Heat Company for extreme Temperatures. Have fun. Full review

Rab Men's Baltoro Glove

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great dexterity for ice climbing, but not waterproof enough for wet Eastern conditions. Had those on sale a few years back. They are great for my ice climbing session, great dexterity, but I wish they were more weatherproof and waterproof. As for many gloves, dexterity means less warmth on fingers ends. Great second pair for long days ice climbing. Full review

Swany X-Cell II Glove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Just back from a ski day at Orford. It was -15°C at the top and windy. So cold that I wasn't warm in my alpine boots, but incredibly warm in my gloves! I own several pair of gloves, but these Swany look like the warmest yet. Quality construction seems to be top of the class. Fit is good, but for a medium size I feel my index finger is a little tight. The leather seems to be incredibly, resistant and flexible. I think of trying these gloves for my ice climbing so the dexterity is great. There's… Full review

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts

rated 5 of 5 stars The Outdoor Research Lucent is a battery powered heated mitten that boasts impressive dexterity, warmth and durability. There is extra attention to the small details — fit, universal chargers, carry bag, cinch straps and idiot leashes, but this mittens reputation starts, and ends, with the overwhelming success of the Altiheat. It boasts an even and powerful distribution of heat throughout the hand, and the battery life has exceeded my expectations. Limitations? Without a reliable way to power… Full review

Black Rock Gear Foldback Fingerless Mitt

rated 5 of 5 stars Soft, comfortable, warm mittens to layer over gloves or wear on their own. These fit on the large side in order to enable the easy layering over gloves. Gloves are just never warm enough, but then you slip these babies on and everything changes. Soft material, they fold down to nothing and they are light as a feather, but they do deliver in the warmth department. You can easily fold down the top half with the same hand that is wearing the mitten for ease in converting the mitten. Roomy fit mittens… Full review

Rab Women's Phantom Grip Glove

rated 0.5 of 5 stars This glove does not keep your hands warm in mild conditions. The grip feature is poor. I wrote to the company and they do not stand by their product. Save your money, $5 store gloves worked just as well. I tried to give these gloves a chance for over a month. I have had back country experience including mountaineering, hiking, and skiing in Alaska. I do not wear gloves in temperatures at 50°F and sometimes not in the 40s either. This is Alaska; it is a hot day when it hits 70°F. I was looking… Full review

Salomon Active glove

rated 3 of 5 stars Lightweight, breathable gloves that offer protection from the elements and a comfortable fit. Order one size smaller for the perfect fit. I wear my Salomon Running Gloves 3/4 seasons. The lightweight, breathable design makes them perfect for cooler days but also keeps your hands warm on the coldest of nights. I ordered a size smaller because these gloves are very stretchy and ordering smaller ensures a snug fit that is also easy to get off while running if your hands become too hot. I also wear… Full review

Outdoor Research Men's PL Base Gloves

rated 4 of 5 stars Great for adding a few more degrees of warmth to winter gloves. Good simple liners. Definitely not a stand-alone glove, but they do their job well. Full review

Top-Rated Gloves and Mittens

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Hestra Handcuffs
Under Armour Armour Stretch Glove Glove Liner
$6 - $54
Manzella Max-10 Glove Liner
REI Snowy Creek Fleece Mittens
Columbia Baddabing Mitten Fleece Glove/Mitten
$9 - $21
REI Tech-Compatible Fleece Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
Terramar Thermolator II Glove Liner Glove Liner
Manzella Junior Waterproof Mitten Waterproof Glove/Mitten
Manzella RW-5 Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
EMS Atlas Fleece Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Gordini Mad Grip Pro Palm Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Manzella Tahoe Jr. Fleece Glove/Mitten
$10 MSRP
Fox River Fingerless Ragg Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Seirus Therma-Lux Heat Pocket Glove Liner
DaKine Hornet Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
Fox River Double Ragg Mitt Fleece Glove/Mitten
Manzella Max 10W Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
Outdoor Designs Layeron Fleece Glove/Mitten
Manzella Max-50 Glove Liner
Fox River Gripper Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
RedHead Insulated Spandex Hunting Gloves Insulated Glove/Mitten
$13 MSRP
REI Snow Ridge Gloves Insulated Glove/Mitten
$14 - $19
Fox River Glomitt Fleece Glove/Mitten
CAMP Comfort Belay Gloves
$14 - $19
DaKine Storm Glove Glove Liner
$14 - $19
Loki Fleece Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Helly Hansen HH Dry Glove Liner Glove Liner
DaKine Brat Mitt Insulated Glove/Mitten
Auclair 4-Way Powerstretch Fleece Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Manzella Tahoe Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Columbia Chippewa III Mitten - Infant
$15 - $19
EMS Atlas Fleece Convertible Mitt Fleece Glove/Mitten
Metolius Iron Hand Climbing Glove
$15 - $29
Glacier Glove Fingerless Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
Manzella PowerStretch Gloves Fleece Glove/Mitten
$15 - $24
EMS Glove Liners Glove Liner
EMS Techwick Liner Gloves Glove Liner
$15 MSRP
The North Face Liner Glove Glove Liner
$15 MSRP
Manzella Ultra Max Glove Liner
$15 MSRP
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
The North Face Denali Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
$16 - $19
Black Diamond WelterWeight Glove Glove Liner
SmartWool Liner Glove Glove Liner
$16 - $24
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
DeFeet Handskins Glove Liner
$16 MSRP
Helly Hansen Polartec Powerstretch Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
$16 - $19
Gordini Ultra Dri-Max VI Insulated Glove/Mitten
$21 MSRP
Mountain Hardwear Orko Glove Fleece Glove/Mitten
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Black Diamond Lightweight Glove Liner Glove Liner
$17 - $24
REI Tech-Compatible Powerflyte Gloves Glove Liner
REI Timber Mountain Ski Gloves Insulated Glove/Mitten
REI Minimalist Gloves Glove Liner
$17 - $123
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