Granite Gear Leopard V.C. 46



Nearly great pack, with a few design quirks. But really…

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Nearly great pack, with a few design quirks. But really hits the empty space between packs that are too light and too heavy.


  • Strong where needed
  • Great size for careful packers
  • Very comfortable
  • Versatile, for many different load volumes.


  • Far too many small straps
  • Hip belt is too light compared to the overall capacity of the pack
  • Apparently discontinued

It took me forever to find a pack the could carry a good 35 pound load comfortably while keeping the pack weight reasonable.

Granite Gear seems to have a great feel for this balance.

I wish there were fewer straps, but they seemed to have thrown every strap they could think of here.

But, for a versatile, strong, and comfortable pack this is VERY hard to beat. Love it and will manage to not whine about the straps.


Welcome to Trialspace, Chris. Do you have any pictures of your pack? We'd love to see it.

6 months ago

Welcome to Trailsapce, Chris. The Leopard VC 46 (and its Ki women's version) is actually still a current Granite Gear product:

6 months ago

HI Alecia, I think that GG is indeed discontinuing the Leopard VC 46. There is still stock, but there are also some blowout deals on this pack going around. All packs seem to have some quirks in a given person's view, but the balance of toughness and reasonably light weight makes this one great for me.

6 months ago