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Could this be the best 4-season, 2-person tent in…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $1300 (Australian)


Could this be the best 4-season, 2-person tent in the world?


  • Easy to pitch
  • Very strong
  • Double vestibule for changeable weather
  • Great vents which can be controlled from inside the tent
  • Double doors with mesh and zippered fabric for flow through ventillation
  • Reasonable interior height for me 6' 2"
  • Sleeves may be double poled in bad weather
  • Inner and outer pitch as one


  • Pole through red tabs, needs to be the highest—not explained in instructions


As soon as I saw this tent pitched I knew it was the "business". It's a Hilleberg Red label tent which is 4-seasons. There is an Arctic Black Label version that is near identical except that the doors are diagonally opposed.

In my opinion the Allak is better in this respect. The Black Label version uses even stronger, heavier poles and even stronger outer fabric. The Black Label is another kilogram heavier—too heavy for hiking for me.

As I mentioned above the vents are excellent and can be controlled from inside the tent. There are many different options. The fact that the two doors have zippered mesh/fabric panels, with the fabric zippered back you don't need to buy a mesh inner for summer. These two meshed doors allow marvelous flow through ventilation in hot weather.

The pole sleeves are supplemented with clips. This avoids the tedium of pole threading I have with my Hilleberg Unna. i have not found anything in the instruction manuals or videos which give a tip for placing the poles. There are three identical poles, but the three sets of sleeves are not identical. Make sure that the pole that is threaded through the red labeled sleeves is the highest in the pole intersection area. That red pole has fewer pole clips in the intersection area because it is meant to be the highest above the tent.

Another major advantage in this tent and in fact all Hilleberg tents, is that the inner and outer pitch together. If you pitch in the rain, the inner doesn't get wet!

as with all Hilleberg tents it is signed by the seamstress who sewed the tent in Estonia - not China.

For what you get I don't think this tent is too expensive. You get what you pay for in this world. This tent is marvelously well designed and constructed. Highly recommended.


Thanks for the helpful review, Denis. Got any pics of yours you could share in your review?

1 month ago
Jake W

Good review Denis. I agree with the slight annoyance of the poles in the Unna sleeve but I find the Unna superior due to the poles not being exposed. At least here in Canada, and the cold, the exposed poles on the Allack can become frozen together and they are very difficult to get unstuck!

1 month ago
Denis Evans

I had not thought of that. Not likely to be a problem here. This would also be a problem for the Arctic Staika.

1 month ago

Nice picture, Denis.

1 month ago
Denis Evans

Second outing was into a night of heavy fog. In my experience heavy long lasting fog is worse than heavy rain in terms of wetting the interior of you tent. I have had bad experiences in the past with other tents. How did the Allak fare? No problems. I had the outer flush with the ground to keep the fog out. The upper vents were open under the rain cover. I woke up completely dry. This tent took the weather in a dawdle.

13 days ago

the giant tomato. that's what the red version of this…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it used
Price Paid: not very much, bought used

the giant tomato. that's what the red version of this tent looks like. lol.

after i got this tent, set it up once in the basement, to try and get a feel for how it work, and to make sure all parts were there.  i bought the tent used.  without reading the directions, it went up easy and then i took it back down and put it away for 2 months  :-(

my first experience of using this tent was in mid-January, at a scout camp in south-east nebraska.  no snow on the ground, but the ground was still frozen.  air temp was 0-degrees the first nite with no wind.  24-degrees the second with a light breeze.  on purpose i set the tent up in the dark, with my 12-year-old holding a headlamp. it took me less than 5 minutes to set the tent up.  the external poles make it super simple. 

i did not stake the tent down before setting up, due to a lack of wind, i didn't stake the tent down until night 2.  the tent camp with 2 sets of stakes, one "V" shaped and another that look like big nails.  because i wasn't thinking and used the "V" shaped pegs in frozen ground, 3 our of the 6 bent.  i should have used the others - big dummy. 

inside the tent plenty of room for me, a XL large thermarest and all of my gear.  only the boots in a vestibule.  if i wouldn't have been laying in the middle with my pack, i did have plenty of room for another person.  lots of head room.  plenty of room for 2 full size thermarests.  there aren't very many people i like enough to share a very small space with, but i could have no prob.  :-)

once zipped up, tight, no condensation except around the "air-hole" on my zipped up tight sleeping bag.  nothing on interior walls or my feet or anywhere else.  loved that. 

first experience with this tent was awesome.  i'll update my review when i have used it more.


I have had an Allak for two years or so, and have…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it used
Price Paid: Around $650 with stakes, footprint, and mesh tent


I have had an Allak for two years or so, and have solo camped in all four seasons. This is the best tent I will ever own!


  • Tent is strong
  • Low profile yet with sufficient headroom
  • Waterproof
  • Ventilation options great


  • Cost

This tent has room for me and my gear, great sitting-up room, and after just a few times setting up in all kinds of weather (the video at Hilleberg helped) I can be snug in the Allak within 5 minutes. Never have had condensation problems.

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