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the giant tomato. that's what the red version of this…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it used
Price Paid: not very much, bought used

the giant tomato. that's what the red version of this tent looks like. lol.

after i got this tent, set it up once in the basement, to try and get a feel for how it work, and to make sure all parts were there.  i bought the tent used.  without reading the directions, it went up easy and then i took it back down and put it away for 2 months  :-(

my first experience of using this tent was in mid-January, at a scout camp in south-east nebraska.  no snow on the ground, but the ground was still frozen.  air temp was 0-degrees the first nite with no wind.  24-degrees the second with a light breeze.  on purpose i set the tent up in the dark, with my 12-year-old holding a headlamp. it took me less than 5 minutes to set the tent up.  the external poles make it super simple. 

i did not stake the tent down before setting up, due to a lack of wind, i didn't stake the tent down until night 2.  the tent camp with 2 sets of stakes, one "V" shaped and another that look like big nails.  because i wasn't thinking and used the "V" shaped pegs in frozen ground, 3 our of the 6 bent.  i should have used the others - big dummy. 

inside the tent plenty of room for me, a XL large thermarest and all of my gear.  only the boots in a vestibule.  if i wouldn't have been laying in the middle with my pack, i did have plenty of room for another person.  lots of head room.  plenty of room for 2 full size thermarests.  there aren't very many people i like enough to share a very small space with, but i could have no prob.  :-)

once zipped up, tight, no condensation except around the "air-hole" on my zipped up tight sleeping bag.  nothing on interior walls or my feet or anywhere else.  loved that. 

first experience with this tent was awesome.  i'll update my review when i have used it more.

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