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The Jackson Kayak Sit-On-Top Big Tuna gives you the power to paddle your prince (or princess) around or take the pooch for a ride out on the lake. Long and wide, the Tuna won't tank whether you're using it as a diving platform or hauling yourself back on board after a refreshing dip. Nearly two feet of standing space and handy Stand Assist straps lets you rise to the occasion without the usual symphony of grunts and groans. With the highest weight limit in the Jackson Kayak family, this kayak handles your camping gear, fishing gear, and a fishing friend and still won't sink if you reel in a damn-big fish. The hull profile is softer than the Cuda but sharper than Coosa, which pretty much means you can take this big boat just about anywhere--within reason, and excluding all classy rapids. The Hi/Lo seats adjust up and down and can be removed if you want a dry seat on land. Storage pouches sling on the back of the seats, and the front seat can be turned when you and your paddling pal stop for a snack. The rear hatch storage will swallow up your favorite rods for safe carriage or hold dry bags full of camping gear. Both the bow and stern tankwells hold massive amounts of stuff in case this camping trip is more than a day long. Up front, a removable rod tip protector does double duty as a paddle holder. If you're pulling out for lunch, secure your paddle along the side of the boat with little bungees. The included Tuna Tank can act as a live bait tank: just drill a few small holes in the front and back and watch as water and oxygen flow through to keep your bait or fish fresh. Accessories abound on the Big Tuna. Two flush-mount rod holders keep your rods out of harm's way and give you an instant-access place to keep a net. The GoPro mount gives you the perfect place to perch your (waterproof) camera to create eternal proof of your fishing buddy's lucky denim cut-offs.

- Backcountry.com

Jackson Kayaks Big Tuna Fishing KayakThe new Jackson Kayak Big Tuna is a creature unlike any other on the market, with multiple never before seen features in the kayak fishing world. Leading the charge on these unique elements has to be the patent pending 'Tuna Tank', a unique bait/live well that requires no plumbing or electronics! It utilizes the water from beneath the boat to circulate into the bait tank keeping fish lively and fresh unlike any other system on the market. The tank also resides in the center of the boat for easy access and management. The possibilities with the Tuna Tank are endless - bring the kids on a trip and have them catch cool creatures and learn about them while in the tank; keep your catch alive to show it off to your friends later before you release it; keep your live bait alive and fresh; insert the cooler option to put your fish on ice or just use it as a cooler for your drinks; insert the solid piece and use it as dry storage, or ins

- River Sports Outfitters