Kelty Cabana


Seasons 3
Number of Doors 1
Number of Poles 3
Minimum Weight 5 lb 4 oz / 2.38 kg
Packaged Weight 5 lb 10 oz / 2.55 kg
Floor area 41.1 sq ft / 3.81 sq m
Width 68 in / 172.72 cm
Length 118 in / 299.70 cm
Height 53 in / 134.62 cm
Packaged Diameter 7 in / 17.78 cm
Packaged Length 25 in / 63.50 cm
Pole Type Wrapped Fiberglass
Floor Fabric 68D Polyester 450 mm
Fly Fabric 68D Polyester 450 mm



Great all-around shelter, but a bit heavy and stuffy…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: +/- $70 on sale


Great all-around shelter, but a bit heavy and stuffy for some uses.


  • Large / roomy interior
  • Privacy door
  • Ease of use
  • Sand pockets when stakes won't do
  • Sturdy in wind


  • Heavy and bulky if carrying a long distance
  • Hot interior in strong (beach) sun

We bought this for our family beach vacation with our 18 mos old who had outgrown his peapod. Our favorite beach is a good 2 mi hike.  While this shelter easily packs into a pouch, its dimensions are a bit large making it difficult to secure to a daypack but we manage.  

It's easy to setup and provides more than enough room for two adults and a toddler (as well as our wet dog). Having a floor is fantastic and eliminates the need to carry an extra tarp or blanket. We'll try another reviewers suggestion of closing the 'door' up a few inches to help prevent the sand from blowing in.  

It does provide fantastic shelter from the strong sun and gusty wind, but we found it's almost too good at blocking air movement. We quickly became uncomfortably warm sitting in here when the wind was to our backs.  

I felt the price was fair. The quality appears good as we've used it now for a couple of seasons and it looks like new. I love the privacy door feature, especially for changing out of wet swimming clothes and back into hiking gear.  

I recommend it, but do keep in mind the weight and the stuffiness factors. I haven't found anything else I wish I purchased instead for the price but we will likely find an alternate for our next beach hike.


Never mess with stupid umbrellas again! The Cabana…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Ease of Setup: Easy, moderate in stiff wind
Price Paid: $125 at REI

Never mess with stupid umbrellas again!

The Cabana provides complete sun, rain and wind protection for your family and your stuff. You don't have to chase a moving shadow for shade, and there's no glare around three sides. The door zips for privacy, for changing and even a nap. A cool trick is to zip the front panel up from the sides a few inches, which prevents most sand from blowing in.

VERY useful feature: sandbags attached at each corner. Stakes won't hold in sand. Instead, you dig a shallow hole, fill the sandbag and bury it. They will hold the cabana in place in furious wind that would turn an umbrella into a kite.

The ONLY caveat: setting up in strong wind is best with two people. Until you get the sandbags filled, the wind will try to blow it away, same as with anything.