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Cache Hauler (Frame Only)

rated 5 of 5 stars Absolute best pack for hauling out elk from deep in the back country. Carry 120-150 pounds no problems other than being tired. This is the absolute best pack you will ever need to haul out a whole deer, elk halves or quarters, moose, caribou, bear, you name it!  I have had 150 pounds on this pack numerous times and this pack is still very comfortable!  It fits perfectly.  When loaned to my buddies they rave about the pack and most have bought one themselves.  If you like hunting in the deep… Full review

Outfitter Pro 2

rated 5 of 5 stars Two-person bomb shelter. This tent is like a palace. The two doors are epic. Heard the wind howling and the tent never budged. Drug this thing up Mt. Shasta and the weight was obvious. Split between two people though it wasn't even noticed (I carry more weight than that in whiskey alone). Full review

Streamside 4

rated 5 of 5 stars Solid tent. After over 50 uses, I knicknamed it "ole trusty". I bought this tent in 2001. I've used it several times per year for leisure camping to spike camping for hunting. Solid tent. I'm going to replace the poles and keep using this bad boy until it disintegrates! Full review


rated 3.5 of 5 stars Good pack, versatile and sturdy. Puts up with most abuse. This is a good bag that I had for years. Unfortunately, after my teenage years this bag became more and more uncomfortable for those of us with a longer torso. The main body strap sat up too high, so to cinch it down the shoulders had to loosen and then those adjusters sat high on my ribs and rubbed really uncomfortably. I just outgrew it. The shoulder straps could be more comfortable, but honestly if the bag is packed right, they aren't… Full review

Yukon 48

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This is the pack that I always return to. Easy to pack and to carry. Durable and adaptable. Excellent for smaller adults. This review pertains to the older version of this pack, which has somewhat less heavily padded and shaped hip belt and shoulder straps, no sternum strap, no provision for a water bladder, and lashing tabs on the top flap and back pocket, rather than a daisy-chain. Conditions: I have used this pack for eight years, for several trips annually of one to seven days.  Construction… Full review

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