La Sportiva Electron

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Doubtful if "MorphoDynamic" will ever be a household word, but the MorphoDynamic technology used in the La Sportiva Electron will surely get you out of the house, and onto the running trails. A protective upper on top of the MorphoDynamic combined midsole/outsole creates a shoe that is both armored and nimble when bashing through uneven trails at speed. Unlikely you will love saying "MorphoDynamic", likely the Electron could be your new favorite trail running shoe La Sportive Electron features: A slip lasted upper built on an ergonomic last provides a svelte, form fitting, glove like fit that is super responsive Microfiber upper protects the foot and conforms to any foot shape for a comfortable fit PU and EVA midsole work in tandem to absorb the trail features and provide the plushest ride on the market Soft PU deforms upon impact to dissipate impact forces before they are further absorbed in the EVA layer Midsole height: Heel: 31mm Toe: 20mm Delta H: 11mm 13.1oz/ 370g La Sportiva's statement on MorphoDynamic technology Our latest innovation in mountain running shoes has been in development for over 2 years and addresses the need for lighter products that are low-to-the-ground and well cushioned. The new MorphoDynamic technology addresses these needs with a midsole that adapts to the trail while providing a well-cushioned ride to protect the foot from impact forces. By using a soft, lightweight PU foam that is wrapped by sticky FriXion AT rubber, we have increased the amount of cushioning material in the midsole which also drastically reduces weight. These A.T.I.s (Adaptable Terrain Interface) adapt to the running surface creating a smoother ride and increasing the surface area contact of the outsole with the running surface. They absorb the features of the trail while at the same time absorbing the impact upon foot strike. On top of the PU layer is a firmer EVA layer, which provides stability for the foot in the form of an ergonomically shaped midsole that works in harmony with the new revolutionary slip lasted upper, which hugs the foot and provides a more responsive ride. The result is a low profile, stable extremely responsive and cushioned ride with no sacrifices. - OMCgear

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