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Leatherman Squirt PS4

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If this wasn't made specifically for the lightweight…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 27 CAD


If this wasn't made specifically for the lightweight backpacker, it should have been. An awesome and functional multi-tool for the weight conscious. I love it!


  • Very high quality construction, 25-year guarantee!
  • Incredibly lightweight, only 2 oz.
  • All the tools are highly functional.


  • The blade doesn't lock, so be careful.

I've been eyeballing this PS4 or several months now waiting for a sale and I finally picked it up on Amazon.ca for $27. My goal is to lighten my load this year by 5 lbs and this definitely fits the bill at only 2 ozs ! The scales are made from aluminium and the tool steel is 420HC stainless. All of the tools are highly functional meaning you won't pull one of them out and think "What's this for?"

The tools consist of:

  • spring action needle nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • spring action scissors
  • knife
  • wood and metal file
  • bottle opener
  • small slot/philips combo and medium slot screwdriver
  • key ring


The fit and finish of this Leatherman is right on par with all the other Leatherman tools, no surprises there. The pliers actually snap back into the folded position which is a nice touch once you fold them to about the 50% in position. You could easily carry the PS4 on a keychain, the size is not obtrusive. The blade is very sharp but you won't be gutting and quartering any large game with it. I'll be carrying a MORA most likely for the more taxing cutting tasks.

The fine file is perfect for taking the edge of a broken nail as well the scissors are sharp and will easily handle most of your backwoods hygiene clipping needs. As I mentioned, the only con I can see is that the knife doesn't lock when out so you must be careful when using it. If the PS4 had an integrated toothpick and tweezer I'd be in heaven. Are you listening, Leatherman?



I added a couple pics for size comparison.


Leatherman Wave, Leatherman PS4, Nitecore SensMini, Victorinox Classic SD.



I've been looking at this one myself. I wonder, what do you think of the pliers? Does it seem like it is just-strong-enough, or more-than-enough? I hope my question makes sense. If I get one of these it would be replacing a Cabela's‎ micro tool that seems like it could use some improvement. I guess I just don't want to take a step backward.

1 month ago
David Drake

I carry this tool everywhere! It's in my pocket at all times when I leave the house! I wear Vibram FiveFingers (VFF) and live in the desert. Often, a thorn will penetrate the VFF's and I need the pliers to remove the thorn. Don't know what I'd do without this tool!

1 month ago
second gear

I have looked at this tool should something ever happen to my little Buck multitool that is no longer made. LOVE having a multitool with me! A person can make do without the other stuff but the knife and pliers!

1 month ago
Sean Harrison

herdingcats> The pliers actually feel pretty robust for thier size. I'm pretty sure you could put a fair amount of force on them without any damage. I've held and played with a few micro multi-tools like this in the past and the PS4 is by far the best I have seen. You can really feel the quality in the tool when you hold it in your hands. If you've ever played with a Leatherman Wave or a Ti, the PS4 is on equal ground easily.

1 month ago
Joseph Renow

Sean...thanks for the review. I too have always considered this a possible buy. What always stops me is the fact that I get by very well with a small key-chain size swiss army knife. However...I bring a leatherman tool with me when I bring stoves and other complex gear that have screws...and when I bring the leatherman I really like using the pliers as pot-handles (instead of a bandana). The leatherman (IMO) is too heavy to bring backpacking...but I was wondering what is your opinion of using the PS4 as pot handles for cookware between 600-1400ml pots?

1 month ago
Sean Harrison

Joseph>I have the Victorinox Classic SD myself but always wished I had a small set of pliers. Now that I have the PS4 I wish it had the tweezers and toothpick of the Classic SD. Oh well, it's not a perfect world. As far as using the PS4 as a pot holder, I can't see why not. The only issue I could possibly see would be if you had a larger pot quite full, the narrow jaws of the PS4 might crimp or dent your thin walled pots. I could take a pic of the PS4 holding a pot and post it here. I'll post a pic as well of the PS4 beside the Victorinox and a Leatherman Wave for size comparisons sake.

1 month ago

@Joseph regarding pliers as potholder - It just so happens that I use my Cabela's Multitool for just this purpose. I consider it as part of my cook kit, FAK scissors, and general purpose tools. I LOVE the pliers as a potholder.

13 days ago
Joseph Renow

Sean and Cats...thanks for your feed-back. I have used (also love) both the toothpick and tweezers in my small Victorinox...but primarily I use the small blade and scissors...which I consider both to be mostly indispensable (it is hard to improvise the tasks that both accomplish). Since both have a small blade and scissors...the choice for me comes down to how much more "comfort" and utility will I get from the pliers compared to the additional weight that the PS4 adds (2oz v. .7oz). This additional weight is often nominal...but since I always carry this tool on my person...size and weight are EXTREMELY important. I think...from reading what both of you have to say...that the PS4 (or similar tooled multi-tool) would be worth a purchase.

12 days ago
Sean Harrison

Hehe, like I said in the review, if the PS4 had the toothpick and tweezers, it would be the ultimate mini tool.

11 days ago

This new PS4 is such a triumph over its predecessor,…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $35

This new PS4 is such a triumph over its predecessor, the Squirt P4. With the addition of the scissors and without whatever that little shiv was, this is the perfect keychain multi-tool.

This is the perfect mini/daily carry too. Just enough pliers and screwdrivers to do light jobs around the office and home, knife to open letters and packages, this is great! Don't underestimate the tiny scissors either, they are sharp and rather helpful.

The only quarrel I have is that, unlike its predecessor, the PS4 does not have grooves for your thumbnail to access the blade, which isn't a detriment, just kind of annoying, I thought.

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